Halloween Masks

  • Molded latex mask
  • Covers entire head and neck
  • Eye slits above character eyeballs allow limited vision
  • Tufts of multicolored synthetic hair on top & sides
  • One size fits most adults

Adult full over the head latex mask. High quality latex and hand painted

The Xmas goblin mask is a half mask that has an attached Santa/elf  hat on top. The hat fits around your head, while the mask portion hangs over your face. The front of the mask has molded features, like green skin, a pointy nose and a grinning mouth. A set of white side burns and a matching goatee made of synthetic fibers add to the creepy look. A set of eyeholes near the eyes allow for clear vision, while a set of holes in the nose allow for comfortable breathing. After you put it on, you’ll be ready to do the things that goblins ARE know for, like destruction and mayhem!

Yeti Latex Mask from the Mythological Monsters line. I think this Yeti is a bit angry and evil, wear this perfect mask for winter and be the evil abominable snowman.

A freshly dead demonic looking Zombie with meat eater teeth and fantastic quality wig. Very Comfortable and great visibility.
Made in the USA

Zombie Tongue Latex Mask

This zombie is a hot mess! His jaw is broken and he has missing teeth which is why his decaying tongue is hanging out of his mouth. This Zombie Tongue mask is a high quality latex and hand painted mask sure to creep out all your friends.

Adult size full over the head latex mask

With dead hair, open boils and green ooze from him mouth, Zombinski is the King of Zombie Masks.