The colors included on the Monster palette are Charcoal(008), Blood (028), Raw Sienna(052), Orc (053), Blithe (065), and Bruise(082).

A great way to try out our Hydrocolor make-up line or for the artist on the go.  Each palette comes with assorted 6 or 12 colors that can be replaced once used, and one #1 brush. The 12 color palette also has a small flat brush.   Each color square is approximatly 5 g (.18 oz).

Wolfe  Hydrocolors are bright, water activated, durable, comfortable, and easy to work with.  They have dense pigmentation that provides you with maximum color, and since Hydrocolors have a wax base they flow with movement instead of cracking. Hydrocolors are easy to apply, and are perfect for all of your artistic needs. 

Use with a paint brush or sponge.  Do not apply water directly to the cakes, dip your brush or sponge into the water, then into the cake.  Do not apply to broken skin.  Discontinue use if rash develops.  Avoid contact with fabrics, carpets and upholstery.  Remove with soap and water.  Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing.   Cracks may form in the cakes. These cracks have no effect on the makeup.

Fatty Hamskins Latex Mask

Fatty Hamskins is a lovely down home gal, but watch out this lady has a trick up her sleeve, she mixes up a mean love potion! Run for your life if you know what good for you. This deluxe hand painted mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head when worn. Mask features beautiful braided blonde hair.

Adult Size

Waldhar Warrior Adult Latex Mask

The Waldhar Warrior Mask makes a great choice for anyone who needs a unique horror costume. The tortured face of this latex mask shows off a metallic, spiked helmet that covers the eyes of this being. The rest of the head displays a snarling mouth, inflamed stitches, and blood spatter. Made of high quality latex and the hand painted detail is perfect in every way

Adult full over the head latex mask

A truly gruesomely frightful horror mask an evil skull is bursting out of poor Charlies face! This mask fully covers your whole head, neck and extends onto the chest. Made of high quality latex and is perfectly hand painted

Adult full over the head latex mask

This deep sea creature will chew your face off with his razor shape teeth and drag you all the way down to the very bottom of the ocean …scuba divers beware of this Angler Fish!

Made of quality latex, hand painted and is a full over the head adult mask

Of course they’re up to no good – that’s who they are! Lock, Shock, and Barrel are always causing trouble, so it’s no surprise to find them standing with fingers crossed behind their backs and sneers and suspicion on their faces in this whimsical Jim Shore design. Crafted of polyresin and calcium carbonate, the hand-painted, high-quality Disney Traditions Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock, and Barrel Up to No Good by Jim Shore Statue measures roughly 5-inches wide x 4 1/10-inches tall x 2-inches long and comes in a box with a photo on the front. Take home this trio of mischievous trick-or-treating children and add a bit of Halloween Town excitement to your life!

Jim Shore is a treasured artist and something of a legend, inspiring his friends and expansive base of followers with work reminiscent of family, tradition, spirituality, and love of country. Shore’s signature look of handmade, hand-carved art evokes appreciation and nostalgia, while embracing inspired themes of folklore and tradition found within American and European folk art. As a quilting aficionado, he often combines traditional quilt patterns with one of his favorite types of folk art, rosemaling, into his designs. Jim Shore’s creations make much-appreciated gifts for almost anyone!

Give fear and death a new, scary meaning in our Black Horror Adult Robe. Classic in design, it includes a black hooded robe and waist sash. Your imagination is the limits on what to use this black hooded robe for as a costume. You can add some chainmail gloves and a polearm axe to create a medieval executioner costume. You can paint your face like a skull and add a scythe to make a scary Grim Reaper costume. You can also get creative with accessories for a ghoul, ghost, wizard or Uncle Fester costume. Create your own scary Halloween costume with our Black Horror Adult Robe.


Horror Robe Costume Includes: a black hooded robe and waist sash.

Size Standard Fits up to a 42″ Chest Size