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Michigan’s Premiere Halloween Store

Our large costume store in Clinton Township nearly 10,000 square feet, in Macomb County, is open all year long. We have Halloween costumes for adults and kids. You can also get fast shipping and a price match guarantee on costumes and Halloween decorations. Visit our store in person or online and let your costume ideas come to life!

Check out the most notorious slasher for all Scream (Ghostface) 25th Anniversary lovers, they will make you SCREAM!

Ghostface or “Father Death” as the full costume was called and sold is one of the most famous horror film costumes. After 25 years, it’s said that the Halloween horror of Scream (Ghostface) has a lot of fans collecting memorabilia and Ghost Face apparel from the movie and with the new films coming out in 2022 and 2023 this has helped with the hype and demand for the GhostFace Scream Mask with Knife
Halloween character. These collector’s items will be worth the investment for years to come for movie memorabilia collectors. “Don’t pick up the phone” (hehehe), just click HERE.

Scream Ghostface Costume 2020It’s the 25th anniversary of the Scream franchise. February 2022’s Scream thriller features “a fictional identity adopted by eleven characters in the Scream franchise. The figure was originally created by Kevin Williamson”. Even if you aren’t a fan of the film the iconic Scary Movie, which is a parody of the film, features the famous villain and many Halloween-lovers recognize the iconic Ghostface Scream costume from that Scary Movie franchise as well!


Check out the notorious Halloween slasher, Michael Myers, for the latest costumes and accessories from the movie franchise!

Michael Myers Halloween Mask 2022Micheal broke out of the asylum to seek vengeance on the sole surviving member of his family, Laurie Strode. From there Michael went on a 3-decade killing spree that involved a machete, swords, and a butcher knife to eliminate his prey! Known for his famous and iconic Halloween mask, The Halloween prop department was faced with finding a frightening and affordable mask that their villain could wear. Pain-staking care was invested into creating screen-accurate replicas of all the Halloween masks worn throughout the 13-film franchise.
Michael Myers Halloween Costume 2022There is a new Halloween movie arriving in theaters and online in October 2022. It will be the “13th” installment in the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis announced via Instagram in August 2022 that the movie will also stream on Peacock that same day of release. Just in time, you can also watch the Halloween Ends trailer here at Screamers.  


Discover the backstory and future reboot of the Fridaythe 13th franchise with Jason Vorhees!

Jason Vorhees, born on the unluckiest day of the years, has terrorized residents of Camp Crystal Lake and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. But do you know what drives Jason’s thirst for blood? Think revenge. And what’s up with that iconic hockey mask?
As a hallmark of horror, die-hard fans have enjoyed Jason’s wraith across 11 films, creating and buying Friday the 13th memorabilia, costumes, and more since the 1980’s. This decades-long support has made this franchise as immortal to the film industry as Jason is to Camp Crystal Lake, with a major streaming service slated for a 2023 Jason Vorhees reboot. Get ready for more Jason!