Evil Clowns

The Cult’s inner members dress up in morbid clown costumes to hide their identity and now you can be a member of the Cult with the Brainiac Mask. Do you have what it takes to join the The Cult?

This amazing replica was sculpted by David Anderson and the team at AFX and it comes directly out of the show used Master!

Twisty the Clown Economy Version Mask – Non Removable Mouth Piece


Trick or Treat Studios and 20th Century Fox are proud to present from American Horror Story Freak Show, Twisty the Clown Full Head Economy Halloween Mask. The demented Twisty the Clown was without a doubt the most horrific and scary clown to ever be presented on the screen and now it’s your chance to become the ultimate Carnival Freak for Halloween.

This amazing replica was sculpted by Russ Lukich and has been personally approved by Mike Mekash, the lead special effects designer for American Horror Story Freak Show and John Carroll Lynch, the Actor who played Twisty the Clown.

The Economy Twisty the Clown Mask includes sculpted hair and a non-removable mouthpiece.

Big Boss has a big attitude! Full over the head latex mask with hair and cigar attached. Individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible.

Adult full over the head latex mask. High quality latex and hand painted


The Master of the Clowns. Is he under your bed, or in your closet? This is what nightmares are made of! Large latex mask with fabric collar.

Chingo The Clown

Chingo is so happy to scare all the little kiddies this Halloween he is grining his evil grin from ear to ear! This deluxe quality latex mask is a full over the head mask that comes down lower on the neck. Complete with red clown hair.

Adult Size

Chompo The Evil Killer Clown Latex Halloween Mask

Don’t worry kids, Chompo won’t bite, he’ll just gnaw your flesh to the bone!  This full over the head latex mask features excellent detailing right down to every rotting tooth!  Includes large bowtie.

Adult size full over the head latex mask.

Clown Latex Mask

A full over the head Adult Size Latex Mask

Clown Gang: J.E.T. Mask

 This evil clown is a full over the head Adult Size Latex Mask.

Clown Gang: Tiger Mask

This evil clown is a full over the head Adult Size Latex Mask.

As seen on FOX Television The Following, we present you with The Clown Skinner, the scariest Clown mask ever produced!

Sculpted by Justin Mabry, no detail was missed in this incredible facemask. All parts of the face and body were used to put this mask together including a pierced bellybutton navel for one of the ears.

Comes with strap to attach your own face.

Clown: Clown Mask

CLOWN is a story of a loving father who dons a clown outfit and makeup to perform at his son’s sixth birthday, only to later discover that the costume–red nose and wig included–will not come off and his own personality changes in a horrific fashion. To break the curse of the evil outfit, the father must make grim choices with his own family facing danger

Adult full over the head latex mask