Albino Gorilla Mask, great comfort and movable mouth.
Made in United States of America

Anubis Mask

Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead. This mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head when worn. The mask also covers the wearer’s neck and extends onto the collar.

Adult full over the head latex mask

Aquatic Creature Latex Mask

Think twice before jumping into the water, this Aquatic Creature may be lurking out in the dark murky waters. High quality latex mask with expert hand painted details, this is a full over the head adult size mask

Boogeyman Latex Halloween Mask

Watch out here comes the boogeyman, this mask is a great choice for scaring your friends this Halloween, or anytime of the year. This is a full over the head hand painted latex mask

Adult size full over the head latex mask

Slenderman Pale Latex Halloween Mask

This spooky guy is a pale faceless boogeyman with deep sunken in eyes. This is a full over the head, hand painted latex mask with screened in eyes.

Adult size full over the head latex mask

Evil Santa Latex Mask

Evil Santa Latex Mask features high quality deluxe latex that is hand painted. This mask is a full over the head latex mask

Adult Size Latex Mask


F/X artist Jordu Schell creates a creature straight out of middle age folklore. Full over the head latex, individually had painted.

Very well sculpted satyr-type mask will be perfect for your next haunted costume party! Krampus mask has fur trim and backswept horns for a truly scary look. Full over-the-head adult latex mask.

Latex mask from Ghoulish Productions Hyper Mask Line (Super realistic, very elastic, with special box for collection)

The darkest goblins in the world will appear at the party

Become one of them with this incredible mask.

Fits like a 2nd skin

Comes in a display box with mannequin head form

The writer H.P. Lovecraft imagined an octopus-dragon creature into our world and its name is Cthulhu. Cthulhu is a Great Old One and lies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean but his call cannot be ignored. Now you can become this cosmic god with The Call of Cthulhu Mask for adults. This monster mask features a green octopus-like head and yellows eyes for a menacing look.

Unicorn Deluxe Latex Mask

Disguise as a mystical creature of legend in this Deluxe Unicorn Mask

This is a full over the head mask, hand painted and made entirely out of high quality latex.

Adult Size

The Xmas goblin mask is a half mask that has an attached Santa/elf  hat on top. The hat fits around your head, while the mask portion hangs over your face. The front of the mask has molded features, like green skin, a pointy nose and a grinning mouth. A set of white side burns and a matching goatee made of synthetic fibers add to the creepy look. A set of eyeholes near the eyes allow for clear vision, while a set of holes in the nose allow for comfortable breathing. After you put it on, you’ll be ready to do the things that goblins ARE know for, like destruction and mayhem!