Werewolf Masks

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Nightmare Demon Werewolf from John Landis classic film, An American Werewolf In London.

Based on one of the most horrific scene in cinemas history, the Werewolf appears when David experiences one of his nightmares. The Nightmare Demons breakdown his door and blow away an entire family.

The Werewolf was sculpted by Mario Torres and officially approved by Academy Awarding winning FX Legend Rick Baker.

Bardwulf Werewolf Mask

A terrifying wolf mask to were this Halloween. Mask is constructed of quality latex that is hand painted with faux fur. Front face adult size mask

Unleash your inner K-9 with the Bram Stoker’s Dracula Wolf Mask. The color of the face is a bluish/grey. The nose is flat but, useful for sniffing out your next meal, and the facial features include wrinkles and snarl lines. This dracula wolf beast’s mouth is open, teeth ready to feast on the flesh of any person unlucky enough to cross paths with him. The ears are large and pointy. The synthetic hair covers the sides of the face and the back of the head. Mask is one size fits most adults.

Trick or Treat Studios and Hammer Horror are proud to present The Werewolf from the Hammer Horror Classic, The Curse of the Werewolf.

A man with brutal and macabre origins, Leon Corledo (Oliver Reed) was raised in the home of Don Alfredo Corledo (Clifford Evans), his kind and loving adopted father. When he leaves Don Alfredo to find work, Leon discovers that he has increasingly violent urges. Although these tendencies are calmed by Leon’s love for the beautiful Christina (Catherine Feller), he ultimately cannot contain his curse and transforms into a werewolf, terrorizing the Spanish countryside.

Now you can be horrible Werewolf thanks to this amazing mask. Every detail of the Werewolf is here in this incredible sculpt including the Werewolf’s bloody teeth, wolf eyes and of course the fur.

A beautiful sculpt of a Lycan Werewolf original sculpt by Billy Ystrom. A fantastic fierce animal sculpt with exposed teeth and faux fur. A perfect comfortable fit. Pair this wonderful wolf with werewolf gloves and feet for a quick easy to wear costume.

Made in the USA

On a camping trip, the gang encounter glowing red eyes staring at them and an eerie wolf howl. Following tracks to an abandoned mill, they get caught up in a smuggling plan and a werewolf, in the classic episode, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf.

Ever detail of the Big Bad Werewolf can be seen in this beautiful mask.

Watch out for a full moon! A terrifying wolf mask to were this Halloween. Mask is constructed of quality latex that is hand painted with faux fur.

Full over the head Latex Mask