Devil Face Mask


Direct from the depths of the ninth plane of hell comes the Devil. Complete with horns, mustache, goatee and fiendish smile, the Devil is ready to make deals with gullible humans.

Aaron Lewis sculpted this amazing facemask, designed and finished in the most classic style. Get your self a hood or red cloak and charm all your friends into doing your bidding.ᅠ

This Devil facemask comes with a sewn strap to fit comfortably on your face.

Devil’s Ink Mask

This heavily tattooed demon shows signs of human features that are clearly being over taken by the severe overbite, dead eyes, pointed ears and the small horns protruding from his forehead, one has since cracked off. This deluxe mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head completely when worn


Full over the head adult latex mask. Large horns and attached hair with large eye openings.

Ghost – Nameless Ghouls Latex Mask

Sculpted by Jason King, this mask captures the distinctive look of the musicians referred to only as the Nameless Ghouls. This amazing mask is made out of latex, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.

So get yourself the Nameless Ghoul Mask and rock out with Papa Emeritus and Ghost!

Trick or Treat Studios – Hellboy Mask

For the first time ever, here is your chance to get Hellboy based on the Best Selling Dark Horse comic book by Mike Mignola

Trick or Treat Studios and Global Merchandising Services are proud to present the officially licensed Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Mask.

This mask is based on the Artwork of Eddie from Iron Maiden’s last tour, Legacy of the Beast.

Complete with horns and a bloody pentagram in his forehead, this is the ultimate Eddie mask!

Very well sculpted satyr-type mask will be perfect for your next haunted costume party! Krampus mask has fur trim and backswept horns for a truly scary look. Full over-the-head adult latex mask.

Not quite dead Skull sculpt. The sock mask design with the latex sitting on top of the sock allows the actor the capacity to make the mask move simply by making facial expressions. The sock acts a buffer for the actors skin to the latex adding to the comfort. Very comfortable to wear with excellent visibility

Feeling a bit fiendish? Let Rogue the Golden Demon exude that inner devilish mood and create the perfect demon character. Horned crazy character mask with devilish grin and an attached quality Plush hood. Great monster sculpt with great comfort. The mask covers the entire head and is a stand alone costume. The mask can be worn for extended periods of time and has great visibility.
Made in the USA

Tales of Halloween – Ol’ Scratch Mask

Ol’ Scratch, the overlord of all the dukes of Hell, rules by both might and wit.ᅠ He is physically stronger than any other devil and the most cunning and artful. ᅠHis mighty palace rests upon the floor of the lowest rift in Hell’s ninth plane.ᅠ His servants are all the demons and lesser devils of the underworld and, once per year, he commands the arch-devils to attend his court and pay homage.

With this incredible full head mask, now you can be the ultimate overload of all evil!

Inspired by the Arch-Devil, Asmodeus, Neal Kennemore delivered this masterpiece to Trick or Treat Studios.ᅠYou will marvel at the detail of this Devil Halloween Mask! Complete with horns, helm, and vintage Devil goatee, Ol’ Scratch is ready to rule the living and the damned.

In addition to our tale, Ol’ Scratch was seen in the amazing film by the Epic Pictures Group, Tales of Halloween. In this classic Halloween film, ten short stories revolve around ghosts, ghouls, monsters, the devil, aliens, and ax murderers who terrorize a suburb on Halloween night.

The Red Devil Deluxe Latex Halloween Mask

You’ll stare into the face of evil itself whenever you look at the Red Devil Mask. This startling mask features a classic devil appearance that uses glaring, evil eyes, horns, and sharp fangs to inspire fear and dread in all those who look at it. This mask is made entirely from high quality latex and is designed so that it covers the wearer’s face and head completely when worn. The mask also extends down, covering the wearer’s neck and part of their collar as well, ensuring that the mask is easy to combine with a variety of other looks and costumes.

Adult size full over the head latex mask

This mask feature two distinct latex methods and types. A soft latex for the face and a hard latex for the horns. The ultimate Devil Sculpt has great definition for a dead old man. The production method uses a super soft latex that sets the super soft mask apart from all other mask manufacturers, The soft light weight latex forms to the face and allows the wearer to deliver a performance through the mask as if they are wearing makeup. Great visibility, light weight and comfortable.
Made in the USA