Devil Masks

Adult Latex Baphomet mask with fur

Full over the head latex mask

Devil Face Mask


Direct from the depths of the ninth plane of hell comes the Devil. Complete with horns, mustache, goatee and fiendish smile, the Devil is ready to make deals with gullible humans.

Aaron Lewis sculpted this amazing facemask, designed and finished in the most classic style. Get your self a hood or red cloak and charm all your friends into doing your bidding.ᅠ

This Devil facemask comes with a sewn strap to fit comfortably on your face.

Devil Skull Latex Mask

Chill them to the bone in this scary Devil Skull mask!
This mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head completely when worn. The mask also features a chest flap that extends down, covering the wearer’s neck and collar, ensuring that the mask can be easily combined with a variety of other costumes and looks. This awesomely detailed mask makes a great display piece as well!

Adult size full over the head mask

Devil’s Ink Mask

This heavily tattooed demon shows signs of human features that are clearly being over taken by the severe overbite, dead eyes, pointed ears and the small horns protruding from his forehead, one has since cracked off. This deluxe mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head completely when worn


From the timeless Role Playing Game, Dungeons & Dragons comes the official Pit Fiend Mask. This mask is large and imposing, making it the perfect addition to your Halloween Costume or for Display as a trophy in your game room.
“Their might is incalculable. Their desires are beyond comprehension. And their appetites defy all understanding. Raised from the shrieking agonies of the Pit of Flame, they understand pain and suffering like no others.”
— The mortal mage Nomoto Sinh
Material: Latex

Full over the head adult latex mask. Large horns and attached hair with large eye openings.

Ghost – Nameless Ghouls Latex Mask

Sculpted by Jason King, this mask captures the distinctive look of the musicians referred to only as the Nameless Ghouls. This amazing mask is made out of latex, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.

So get yourself the Nameless Ghoul Mask and rock out with Papa Emeritus and Ghost!

Jordu Schell is a renowned sculptor and concept designer who has worked on films including Avatar, Starship Troopers and Dawn of the Dead (2004)!

Get this and the other Jordu Classics for your collection and use it to creep out your neighborhood this Halloween!

Krampus White Latex Mask from the Horror Xmas line. The famous Krampus is an epic character at Christmas, he comes to visit the little ones who misbehave.

Whether you wish to transform into a necromancer or a witch doctor, you should make sure to check out the Mythical Horned Devil Mask. Made from latex, this half mask covers the upper half of the face. It has an opening for the nose at the bottom as well as two holes for the eyes. Faux cracks adorn the face. In the center of the forehead, there is an avian skull detail. Large  horns curve in a slight S-shape. Each horn has multiple ridges along its length

Distinctive traditional Devil sculpt, Strong Presence, Long Magnificent horns and defined facial features, fantastic visibility and comfort. Moving mouth makes for a great instant interactive character.

Feeling a bit fiendish? Let Rogue the Golden Demon exude that inner devilish mood and create the perfect demon character. Horned crazy character mask with devilish grin and an attached quality Plush hood. Great monster sculpt with great comfort. The mask covers the entire head and is a stand alone costume. The mask can be worn for extended periods of time and has great visibility.
Made in the USA