Vampire Masks

Bloodlust is a durable mask made from high quality, safe and environmentally friendly latex. Transform your self into a creature with sharp fangs coated in blood. Completely immerse yourself in a creatively creepy mask that covers your entire head and neck.

Adult One Size

Bloody Punky Latex Vampire Mask

This Punk Rock Vampire Mask features pointed ears, pale skin and large fangs with a bloody mouth and an awesome mohawk. Made of high quality latex and is hand painted

Adult size full over the head latex mask

Cornelius Latex Vampire Mask

This Cornelius Vampire Mask features pointed ears, and large fangs and a bloody mouth. Made of high quality latex and is hand painted

Adult size full over the head latex mask

Classic Gargoyle mask. Horrifying horned gargoyle sculpt with great visibility, comfortable and easy wearability. The mask alone is a full costume.

Kurten Deluxe Vampire Mask

This blood thirsty savage Vampire shows no mercy and will annihilate anything or anyone in his path. This deluxe quality latex mask has piercing eyes and ferocious fangs and is a full over the head mask that comes down longer on the neck.

Adult Size

  • Molded latex mask
  • Covers entire face
  • Length-adjustable elastic band around back of head
  • Foam pads inside mask for comfort
  • Small eye openings allow limited vision

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present officially licensed Universal Studios, The Munsters – Grandpa Mask. This mask is a blast from the past based on America’s favorite vampire, Grandpa, from the classic, The Munsters, television series. Order your Grandpa mask today and get ready to trick or treat on Mockingbird Lane!

Vampire Doctor Latex Mask. Become a creature and feed on the life essence of other living things (usually in the form of blood) in order to stay active. Full over the head adult latex hand painted mask

Vampire Punk Child Size Mask

You’ll be the coolest vampire around sporting this awesome Vampire Punk Halloween mask. This Child Size Mask is made of high quality latex, is hand painted and is a full over the head latex mask. The eye hols are large enough for excellent vision.

Child Size

Viper Deluxe Latex Vampire Mask

The Viper Mask is no doubt named because of its teeth and jaws. With its long, piercing fangs and its open mouth, this mask will give anyone the look of a horrifying monster with human features and a bloodstained jaw filled with serpentine fangs.

Adult size full over the head latex mask with hair