The 70's

Clip-on glitter magenta earrings.

Clip-on orange earrings.

Clip-on silver glitter earrings.

70’s Disco Hair Kit includes: black moustache, sideburns and hairy chest. Theatrical disguise kit is made with synthetic hair. Great for any Disco or 70’s party!!! Be sure to get the Afro Wig to complete your look!!!

Afro Wig Not Included


This item can be re-used over and over again. All you need is Spirit Gum, which is cosmetic grade adhesive, and you can re-glue this moustache as much as needed! I would also recommend a Spirit Gum Remover to get rid of any left over adhesive residue

Costume jewelry brings a great amount of detail for enhancing your costume.

Complete your disco ensemble with this Gold Disco Necklace for ladies

70’s Style Male Wig. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair. Disco Fever.

Size: Fits most adults

Fiber: Synthetic

Color: Mixed Blonde

Male Gender Necklace

This Male Hippie Costume Necklace is groovy jewelry that will give your hippie adult costume a very groovy look baby!

Going to a disco party? Pick up this great afro wig! Fuller Style Afro Wig.

Size: Fits most adults

Fiber: Synthetic 

Color: Brown

Bachelor’s Pipe


Non working pipe. A great costume accessory for a variety of characters

Big Daddy 5 Piece Jewelry Set

Pimp gold jewelry set includes 3 money sign rings, a mega money bracelet and a 2 finger ring with gems.


Adult one size

Big Daddy Pimp Kit

Kit includes an oversized dollar sign necklace, flashy sunglasses and teeth with a gold tooth cap. Teeth come complete with thermoplastic pellets for a secure fit.

Super Dollar Gold Necklace

This Super $ Gold Necklace will help you keep yo’ mind on the money, and the money on yo’ mind

Adult Size Gold Dollar Sign Medallion on a Chain

Medallion measures 9.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide