Weapons and Armor

Realistic looking AK-47 Assult Riffle, plastic toy gun with action sound. No batteries required. 27 inches long

Arabian Plastic Sword

Measures 27 inches long includng hilt

Plastic dagger with sheath. 15 inches long

Buccaneer Pirate Gun

Plastic Pirate Gun measures about 11 inches long

Plastic Sword with sheath. 26 inches long.

Plastic sword with sheath and metallic handle.

26 inches long.

Army Water Grenade

Green Plastic Army Grenade Replica that doubles as a squirtgun. A great Accessory for an army or commando costume!

Plastic Sword with sheath.

24 inches long

Deluxe 20″ Bloody Cleaver

This Deluxe Plastic Bloody Cleaver is the perfect weapon for Killer Clowns and Slasher Movie Killers this Halloween

Deluxe Pirate Sword

No Pirate costume is complete without a sword! Plastic sword measures 22 inches in length

Plastic knife. Blade “disappears” into the handle when pushed in.

A must have accessory for your ninja assassin. 2 plastic sais included

Each Dagger is 10 Inches Long

T-N-T Dynamite. Watch out for the big Boom! Plastic dynamite prop. Measures 9.5 inches long. 3 sticks bound together with wicks.

Foam Ninja Nunchucks, Nunchaku

These authentic looking nunchucks are the perfect way to accessorize any ninja outfit. Made of foam and measure 7 inches in length

Knife with Theatrical Blood Inside

Classic Blade w/Faux Blood Print


Jason Voorhees Bloody Machete

This Deluxe Plastic Bloody Machete is the perfect weapon for your Jason costume this Halloween

Made of Durable Plastic and the total length is 21 inches long



Realistic looking M-16 machine Gun, plastic toy gun with pull trigger action sound. 27 inches long. No batteries required.

Meat Cleaver

Appx. 10″ long

Meat Cleaver prop is an ideal toy weapon for a theatrical production or enhancing your Halloween costume


Native American Spear 

You’ll be ready to go hunting with this Native American Indian Spear. This toy spear is a great addition to your indian costume and is also great for pretend play dress-up. Spear measures 17 inches in length

King Neptunes Trident

Plastic Trident measures about 54 inches tall

Plastic Ninja Sword with Sheath.

30 Inches Long

Pirate Cutlass Sword

No pirate costume is complete without a trusty sword this Plastic Pirate Sword is 19 inches long

48″ long plastic pitchfork.

Plastic Battle Axe

This plastic weapon/prop is a versatile accessory for many costumes

Made of  Plastic and the total length is about 30 inches long