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Brutus the Bull Mascot Costume

Our Brutus the Bull Mascot Costume includes a soft brown jumpsuit featuring a light tan tummy with attached tail and attached black hoof/hand covers with elastic strap and attached black hoof/shoe covers. Also included is an oversized mask plush headpiece with bull horns. Get the crowd cheering at the sports game, draw attention to a company’s grand opening or get kids smiling at a birthday party in our Brutus the Bull Mascot Costume.

A complete costume head to toe!


Adult Standard Size. Fits Up to a chest size 42

Pirate Costume

Costume includes: Shirt with attached vest, pants, belt and head scarf.

Does Not Include Sword or Boots


Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large


Buccaneer of the Seas Pirate Costume

Aye Maties rule the seven seas in this Buccaneer of the Seas Pirate Costume for men. Costume includes shirt, brown vest with red trim and gold buttons, waist sash with attached belt, red head sash, shoulder belt, pants and boot tops
Does Not Include: Eye patch, gun or sword

Adult Standard Size: Fits up to a 42 Jacket

Arr Matey! This great Buccaneer shirt will transform any land lover into a great pirate. This Buccaneer shirt is the perfect addition to any pirate outfit or Renaissance and even a Colonial Costume. For an epic pirate costume add a waist sash, boot tops, pirate hat, eye patch and more.

Costume includes a cream colored shirt with lace up brown attached vest.

Sizes Available:

Men’s Standard Size, Fits up to a Chest Size 42

Men’s XL, Fits up to a Chest Size 50

You can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee easily in this cool Bumble Bee adult costume! Whether you and your family are going Trick-Or-Treating as a swarm of bees, or your flying solo, this bumble bee costume is sure to be a hit!

This costume includes: hood with antenna, tunic with attached wings and stinger.


Size: One size fits most.

Ready to be the bad guy in this classic game of Cops and Robbers? You’ll surely look the part in this classic Burglar Costume. This masked bandit costume includes a black hat, black eye mask, long-sleeved black and white striped shirt and a white money bag with a black dollar sign and tie.


Size: Standard fits up to a chest size 42

This Burgundy Adult Size Tunic can be used as your Roman toga, Viking costume or under your Roman soldier armor. This great tunic is also a good choice for any of your Biblical characters, this burgundy tunic with gold trim is a versatile accessory that can be used for numerous costumes.

Includes Tunic Only

Adult Standard Size

Fits up to a 48 Chest and is 39 Inches from shoulder to hem

Button up short sleeve shirt

This costume includes: Shirt Only

Men’s Sizes Availbale:
Medium fits a 40″ Chest
Large fits a 42″ Chest
XLarge fits a 44″ Chest

Deluxe Captain America Costume
You will not have to take a super soldier serum in order to instantly transform yourself into the living, breathing symbol of freedom and liberty that is Captain America. This costume is inspired from the Avengers Captain America suit, in the classic Red White and Blue colors! Costume includes a full muscle foam suit with attached boot tops, belt and headpiece.



Sizes Available:

Standard: Fits up to a 44 Jacket

XLarge: Fits a 44-46 Jacket

Captain America Rhinestone Tank Dress Costume

Includes: Dress



Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large

Size Dress Size Bust Waist
X-Small 0 – 2 32 – 34″ 22 – 24″
Small 2 – 6 33 – 35″ 25 – 26″
Medium 6 – 10 36 – 38″ 27 – 30″
Large 10 – 14 38 – 40″ 31 – 34″

Captain Morgana Pirate Costume

Captain Morgana Women’s Pirtae Costume

Time to run some rum in the Caribbean. This Captain Morgana costume includes a deep burgundy lace up captains jacket with bold black and gold trim, wide black cuffs with lace trim and a high collar, also included are a pair of swashbuckling black and white striped pants

Costume includes: jacket and Pants

Does Not Include: hat, sword or boots

Sizes Available: XS/SM or M/L


Size  Bust Waist Hips
Teen / Young Adult (up to size 9) 32 – 34″ 24 – 26″ 33 – 35″
XS / SM (2 – 6) 34 – 36″ 25 – 27″ 34 – 37″
Med / Lrg (8 – 12) 36 – 38″ 27 – 30″ 36 – 39″
X-Large (14 – 18) Up to 44” Up to 38” Up to 47”
Standard (6 – 14) 34 – 38″ 26 – 32″ 35 – 41″


Become the commanding officer of the Roman army  easily in this amazing Centurion costume! You will emanate high authority and command as you address your infantry!

This awesome costume includes a white, knee length tunic with an attached red cape, a thick belt and arm gauntlets. This amazing costume is great for any guy hoping to make an impression!

Size Standard fits up to jacket size 44.

Cheerleader Costume, Dress & Pom Poms

Give me an S, give me an M, give me an I, give me an F, give me an F, give me a Y! It’s Smiffys! Get the party crowd going with the Cheerleader Costume. This female costume includes a dress and pom poms. To complete the look, add Thigh High White Stockings (Not Included). You’ll definitely attract attention in this outfit.

Travel back to the roaring 20’s in style when you wear this beautiful Flapper dress! You will be ready for a night out at the speakeasy in this stylish Black Flapper Dress! You can dance the night away as the original party girl! This beautiful flapper dress has black fringe detail all around the entire dress, true to 1920’s style!

Costume Includes Dress and Headpiece

Sizes available: XSmall, Small, Medium and Large


Size Dress Size Bust Waist
X-Small 0 – 2 32 – 34″ 22 – 24″
Small 2 – 6 33 – 35″ 25 – 26″
Medium 6 – 10 36 – 38″ 27 – 30″
Large 10 – 14 38 – 40″ 31 – 34″


Chucky Adult Costume Includes Jumpsuit and Half Mask


Sizes Available:

Medium Fits 38-40″ Jacket
Large Fits 42-44″ Jacket

Clown Jumpsuit

Are you looking forward to kicking back and clowning around with your friends this Halloween? Well look no further for the perfect clown get up! This awesome Deluxe Clown Suit is perfect for anyone not just for Halloween, but for stunts, and shows, and just plain clowning around!

This costume includes: jumpsuit with ruffled collar and matching hat

Size 1X Fits up to a 50″ chest and a 46″ waist

Prepare yourself for endless laughter and fun in this Clown costume! If you’re looking for a great clown costume for any reason this is the costume for you! This costume will look great no matter the use you put it to! With such a versatile costume you will find that it works great for parties, performing, haunted houses and much, much more! This costume includes a red, yellow and blue clown costume with a matching hat. One side is red, the other yellow, and the arms, neck ruffle and two puff balls on the chest a blue. The wrists and ankles of this costume are cinched with elastic to create a ruffled look. This costume is great for anyone who wants to clown around in style!


Costume Includes: Jumpsuit and Hat.

Standard Size: Fits up to jacket size 44.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when they come for you?! This awesome Prisoner Man (Plus Size) costume is a perfect way to bring out your inner bad boy this Halloween! You know ladies love a bad boy!

This costume includes: hat, shirt and pants.

Mens Plus Size: Fits a jacket size 46-52

Cow Comfy Wear Costume

Includes: 1 super comfy one piece zip up costume with attached hood

Adult Unisex

Available in S/M and L/XL

Dalmatian Hoodie

Adult Size Standard Fits up to a 44 Jacket Size

Includes: Costume Hoodie with attached dog collar

Dark Opera Masquerade Costume, Black, with Cape, Mock Shirt, Mask, Gloves & Faux Rose

Add an air of mystery to the Halloween party with the Dark Opera Masquerade Costume. This dark and mysterious costume includes a cape, mock shirt, mask, gloves and silk rose. It’s perfect for men and the alternative style will set you apart from the rest of the Halloween horrors. A ghostly costume, ideal for some spine tingling fun!

Sizes Available: Large and XLarge

Dashing Ringmaster Costume

Includes a black shirt front with attached red tie and black and white striped vest, jacket with epaulets and black pants with white and black striped trim

Whip, Hat and Gloves Not Included


 Adult Standard Size: Fits up to a 42 Jacket

Day of the Dead Senorita Women’s Costume

Senorita costume includes: a pink off the shoulder dress with one flowered shoulder strap and a black lace up bodice and layers of sugar skull printed material trimmed in gold with an attached red crinoline under the skirt for a little extra pizazz

Does Not Include: Make Up, Hair Flower or Gloves

Sizes Available: XS/SM and M/L


Size  Bust Waist Hips
Teen / Young Adult (up to size 9) 32 – 34″ 24 – 26″ 33 – 35″
XS / SM (2 – 6) 34 – 36″ 25 – 27″ 34 – 37″
Med / Lrg (8 – 12) 36 – 38″ 27 – 30″ 36 – 39″
X-Large (14 – 18) Up to 44” Up to 38” Up to 47”
Standard (6 – 14) 34 – 38″ 26 – 32″ 35 – 41″

Spanish Lady Costume


Spanish style dress with white off-the-shoulder style bodice and ankle length skirt with bright pink ruffle and brightly colored sugar skull print, matching tie belt, and clear straps.

Jewelry, headpiece, shoes, gloves, makeup not included.


Adult Size: Standard


Size  Bust Waist Hips
XS / SM (2 – 6) 34 – 36″ 25 – 27″ 34 – 37″
Med / Lrg (8 – 12) 36 – 38″ 27 – 30″ 36 – 39″
X-Large (14 – 18) Up to 44” Up to 38” Up to 47”
Standard (6 – 14) 34 – 38″ 26 – 32″ 35 – 41″

High definition photo-real printed dress with rhinestone and glitter embellishments, skeleton printed arm warmers and leggings

Sizes Available:
XSmall (3-5)  Bust: 35″  Waist: 25″ Hips: 36.5″
Small (5-7)  Bust: 36″  Waist: 26″ Hips: 37.5″
Medium (8-10)  Bust: 37.5″  Waist: 27.5″ Hips: 39″
Large (11-13)  Bust: 39″  Waist: 29″ Hips: 40.5″
XLarge (14-16)  Bust: 40.5″  Waist: 30.5″ Hips: 42″