Skull Masks

Unleash the nightmares of the netherworld with the King Reaper Flesh Skull Mask—a harbinger of terror and the pinnacle of frightful wear. Meticulously crafted from premium latex, this mask is not just a costume but an artwork brought to life by the renowned designer German Giles. Each mask is lovingly hand-painted, ensuring that no two masks are exactly alike, and imbued with an attention to detail that vividly brings the horror of the Reaper to life.

Enter into the shadowy realm of the extraordinary with the King Reaper Ice Skull Mask, a masterpiece that blurs the lines between the living and the ethereal. Conceived from the imaginative genius of renowned designer German Giles, this mask is more than a simple disguise—it is a gateway to an alternate persona.

Crafted with meticulous care, each mask is a unique work of art. Sculpted from high-quality latex, it offers both durability and comfort, allowing you to embody the icy visage of the Reaper for hours on end. But it is the hand-painted, intricate detailing that truly sets this creation apart. The King Reaper Ice Skull Mask boasts a hauntingly beautiful icy blue hue, accentuating the pointed, skull-like features that give the Reaper its chilling essence

Skull Skeleton Latex Mask

Chill them to the bone in this scary skull mask! The mask features an attached neckpiece with vertebrae, collarbones and ribs that make for a seamless transition into your scary costume. The yellowed skull has darker brown highlights around the eye sockets, teeth, jaw and cheekbones. See-through, black mesh over the eyes and two holes at the nose allow for vision and breathing. A slit in the back makes the mask easy to put on and wear. 

Adult size full over the head mask

Long Neck White Skull Latex Mask

A classic Skeleton Mask  with bleached white bone and a toothy grin. Ths Deluxe quality latex mask covers the wearer’s entire head when worn and comes down longer on the neck and chest with more skeletal bones. This mask also features screened in eyes.

Adult Size

Introducing a new line of powerfully cool Masters of the Universe sculpted latex masks from NECA! These full head pullover masks are based on the classic 80s toy appearances and celebrate 40 years of Masters of the Universe. Great for costuming or for display in your home. One size fits most.

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present, the Officially Licensed Misfits Red Hood Fiend Mask.

Sculpted by Justin Mabry and based on the American Psycho album cover painted by Basil Gogos, every detail of the Fiend is represented in this amazing Halloween Mask.

Raven Skull Latex Mask

This Raven skull can be worn as a mask or is a great display piece that is sure to be a hit this Halloween. This mask is made from high quality latex, is hand painted and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head when worn.

Adult size full over the head mask

Do you desire to be a part of the undead or even better yet, a zombie warrior? If so, make sure that you take a look at the Spartan Undead Skull Mask. Made from high-quality latex, this mask covers the entire head. It pulls on over the head. The mask depicts a skull wearing a battle worn Spartan helmet. Faux nicks and rust adorn the helmet. At the top of the helmet is a red plume. Meanwhile, the skull has darkened areas to give it a realistic appearance. It also has holes at the eyes and mouth for the wearer to see and breathe.

Adult full over the head latex mask

Spikes Skull Mask

Perfectly aged skull mask with a definite cranial disorder. The spikes coming out of the head and the toothy grin will have everyone running from you this Halloween.  This mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head when worn.

Adult full over the head latex mask

The Return of the Living Dead – Party Time Skeleton.

This mask is based on the famous scene in the graveyard when the punks first realize that the dead has returned.

So get yourself  The Return of the Living Dead Party Time Skeleton and let your neighbors know this Halloween that It’s Party Time!

White Skull Latex Mask

A classic Skull Mask with bleached white bone, perfect for a skeleton or a Grim Reaper costume. A full over the head latex mask sure to please this Halloween.

Adult Size

Be sure to get some black make up to cover up your eyes