Creepy latex Zombie Brain Cap fits on top of your head just like a knit hat. Looks like a bloody human brain exposed to the air with no top skull at all! The Latex Brain Cap is perfect for those who want that zombie effect, just add tattered clothing for a very scary effect! Trimmed with bloody-looking Gauze around the forehead.

Burnt Horror Latex Mask

Was this a human that was burned that turned into a zombie or a zombie that walked into a flame or met some other bio hazard fate? Hmmmm… no one will ever know, or be brave enough to ask him. This Deluxe quality latex mask features half a face burned off and wisps of what hair he has left. This is a full over the head design that extends down over the front wearers neck and part of the collar

Adult Size Latex Mask

Trick or Treat Studios and Blairwood Entertainment is proud to present the Official Creepshow Nate Mask

Intensely detailed, Nate was sculpted by Trick or Treat Studios VP of Art Direction, Justin Mabry. Using numerous screen shot from Creepshow, every detail of Nate is here including the use of Rice Krispies to make the maggots, a technique use by Tom Savini, the actual Makeup Artist of Nate.

From the cult horror movie Day of The Dead comes this great over-the-head latex Bub mask. One size fits most adults.

 Deadly Silence Latex Mask – Child Size

The Bio Engineers really screwed up this time! This Zombie won’t be talking about it anytime soon but he is sure looking for some revenge with Deadly Silence! Deluxe quality hand painted latex zombie mask

Full Over the Head Latex Mask

Deadly Silence Zombie Mask

The Bio Engineers really screwed up this time! This Zombie won’t be talking about it anytime soon but he is sure looking for some revenge with Deadly Silence! Deluxe qaulity hand painted latex zombie mask

Adult size full over the head latex mask that comes down the front of the neck

In a zombie apocalypse, doctors may be the first to turn. Become a member of the undead by wearing the Doctor Zombie Mask. Made from latex, this mask pulls on over the head. The mask has a pale coloring. It has brown hair on the top of its head. The zombie looks out with grey eyes. There are holes just above the eyes for the wearer to see out of. Next, the zombies jaw features a doctors mask. The zombies open mouth and yellow teeth show through a hole on the mask. A wound shows up on the zombies cheek.

Hideous skeletal mask with ‘dead head’ smile and decaying-look, stringy hair. One of the best corpse masks ever offered. Add our Gore chest as shown for one great look


Pealing flesh look latex mask with hair attached.

Infected Zombie Mask

This mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head when worn. The mask also covers the wearer’s neck and extends slightly onto the collar.

Adult full over the head latex mask

Product Description:

Talk about one fat, mean, big tooth carnivore, this is it! The Meateater full over-the-head oversized latex mask that features huge jagged teeth covered in blood, with more blood dripping down the chin. The mask is sculpted by a leading Hollywood F/X artist with awesomely terrifying detailing.

Oh no, a terrible virus has arrived and is turning everyone in zombies this Halloween! This zombie will eat everyone and scare whoever be face to face with a deformed face

Full over the head Adult Latex Mask