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The Leather Embossed All Knowing Eye Journal is 5 x 7 inches and comes with 120 pages of handmade linen parchment paper. The Eye sees all!

A fiery journal for fiery thoughts! This beautiful notebook displays the stunning artwork of Nene Thomas. A fiery fairy in red, with wings to match, sits upon a crescent moon. Phoenixes accompany er, and flames billow up from below. The perfect place to jot down your wildest dreams and thoughts!

Writing down your thoughts, dreams and the bright hopes, can be therapeutic and cathartic. This stunning journal is the perfect place to do just that! The embossed cover features the artwork of Nene Thomas. A striking fairy dressed in white, with wings and hair to match, sits perched upon the crescent moon. Inside, blank pages await your pen!

An elegant journal for elegant words! This beautiful book features the gorgeous artwork of Nene Thomas on the cover. An angelic fairy perches upon the crescent moon, gazing at the flower bouquet she holds in her hands. With transparent wings and a gossamer dress, she’s a lovely sight! Inside, here are plenty of pages upon which you can write your thoughts and tales.