Horror Toys and Collectibles

We dare you to say his name five times! From the classic horror film series Candyman! The terrifying slasher films told the story of vengeful urban legend Candyman, who could be summoned by speaking his name five times in front of a mirror.

NECA’s clothed action figure features the likeness of legend Tony Todd in two forms – interchangeable heads allow regular and bee-covered expressions. The figure also has an elaborate soft goods coat and comes with an attachable “bee swarm” chest.

Clamshell packaging

Officially Licensed Candyman Hook Accessory.

Candyman became a horror icon and 30 years later this sequel thrilled audiences with a different take on the Candyman Legend. Developed direct from the production prop, our Hook Accessory features the gory stump with a tourniquet belt as seen in the transformation in the film.

The accessory is latex with a rigid pipe support in the hook and extending into the base to act as a handle.

Approximately 21″ in length.

This Candyman Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. Comes packaged in a window display box.

This kitchen knife is designed after the 2003 Movie House of 1000 Corpses. Captain Spaulding Clown face on one side and the House of 1000 Corpses title card on the other.

This is a real kitchen knife. Image transferred, painted, then airbrushed a varnish clear coat.

Includes a Sublimated Stand with Captain Spaulding Image.

For Display Only

Each patch is hand done with dye sublimation making cracking or peeling near impossible. Each patch features a black border and an adhesive back that makes applying to clothing easy!

How to attached your patch to fabric:

Important When Applying: Whether you are using a household iron (back side) or a heat press (front side) please use a non-stick sheet (teflon or parchment paper) on the front of the patch. The reason for this is that sometimes when heated the adhesive comes through to the front side of the patch and this will prevent the front side of the patch sticking to something.

Peel off the protective backing

Heat Press: 300° for 15 seconds, press from the front side of the patch

Iron: 300° (wool setting) for 15 seconds, press from the back side of the fabric

Patches can be dry cleaned or washed in a washing machine with cold water

Air dry

Each phone grip is hand done with Dye Sublimation making cracking or peeling near impossible. Each phone grip has two pull expansions

Important Please Read: The adhesive is designed to stick to most materials, but it sometimes has issues with sticking to silicone and waterproof cases and anything with too much texture. If the adhesive on the back of your phone grip gets dirty it may not stick as well. Please make sure to clean the surface thoroughly before applying

From the demented mind of author Stephen King, Handmade By Robots celebrates horror movie icon Carrie White!
Designed, molded and painted to look like a hand-knit toy, but made of vinyl, this approx. 5-inch tall figure is perfect for display or play. Includes vinyl tag on the figure, complete with barcode decal to replicate a sewn-in label.

What is Handmade by Robots? Ambulatory biological units like yourselves require warmth and soft embraces. We robots know not of such things. Our best approximation is thus enclosed: the appearance of interwoven organic fibers into recognizable characters from your pop culture, though made of solidified polymers. Our research indicates they would be given and received as gestures of friendship and love. May your acquaintances find value in such meaningless activities.

This beautiful full color 3.5″ tall air freshener, comes with an elastic band to make it easy to attach to any place you want to smell clean and fresh.

The Wolf Man Fear Freshener has a wonderful Forrest scent to fill the Ai

Even though he may look creepy, Charlie Ribs takes care of the bad guys in your dreams. Sleep easy knowing that this cute little monster is protecting you! One string doll character with a double-sided fabric tag and lobster claw key ring. Handmade in Thailand, each string doll has his or her own special power that is always positive and helpful. They are fun for the whole family and make a perfect gift.

The Chucky boot knife measures ” and is 1:1 scale with the film prop making it a perfect accessory for our 1:1 scale doll replicas! It is packaged in a full color window collectors box.

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Child’s Play 2 Chucky Skull Good Guy’s Skull Prop.

This beautiful skull is identical to the skulls seen in the factory scenes of Child’s Play 2. Every detail of the skull is here including the flesh filled gums and teeth.

The skull is made in poly resin and comes with a beautiful solid wood stand. In addition, the Child’s Play 2 Chucky Skull Good Guy’s Skull Prop comes in a full color Collectors Box.

Based on hundreds of onscreen and behind-the-scenes shots, every detail of Chucky’s Voodoo Knife is detailed in this amazing replica.

This prop is made from top quality Polyurethane Foam and measuring 9″ from hilt to point. You’ll swear that you’re holding the actual knife.