Did you miss her? People just can’t get enough of the possessed doll Annabelle from The Conjuring Universe films and her own spin-off movies. Maybe it’s that combination of kinda-cute, kinda-creepy, but we both love and fear the idea of waking up in the middle of the night to see this extra-plush Annabelle on a shelf nearby. Measuring 8-inches tall in the seated position, Kidrobot’s Annabelle Phunny Plush will have you double checking your locks at night. Made from the softest premium plush materials and pure terror.

Get ready to scream with delight!

This cuddly plush version of the infamous slasher is perfect for adding a playful scare to your collection. This 6-inch Ghostface Plush by Kidrobot comes equipped with four sturdy suction cups, perfect for attaching to any window or smooth surface.

From the classic 1980s movie Gremlins, this adorable Gizmo plush can’t wait to entertain you! Just turn him on and watch him sing and dance.

Gizmo features lifelike fur with plastic molded ears, hands and feet. He’s 8″ tall and 11″ from ear to ear. Uses two AA batteries, included. Be sure not to get him wet!

Horror movie characters have never been this terrifying or… CUDDLY! Say hello to our Michael Myers Plush.

Michael Myers might have been a menacing character in the Halloween movie series, but the infamous masked killer now measures just 8 inches tall seated with knife in hand and ready to curl up and cuddle with you. Each Halloween Michael Myers Horror Roto-Phunny is made of super-soft plush with rotocast face, hands and feet .

The premium materials and silly squeezability of the PHUNNY Collection of plushes collides with fresh,  molded rotocast elements to form ROTO-PHUNNY, a new line from  Kidrobot! PHUNNY is a line of sinisterly squeezable 8-inch plush full of creeps, monsters, and frights softened to huggable absurdity. PHUNNY plushies use Kidrobot’s legendary quality and warped worldview to shake-up the plushie stuffed animal toy world! These aren’t normal stuffed animals, they are PHUNNY! Kidrobot is a premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toys, apparel and accessories making their products unique gifts for pop culture affectionados. 

Looking to expand your network of creepy cool plushies? Check out our selection of PHUNNY Plush now.

Michael’s coming… to give you a big hug! Decades after the original Halloween horror movie premiered, Michael Myers is as famous as ever, and this plush version will make an excellent and snuggly addition to your collection. The Michael Myers HugMe Shake Action Plush is an extra huggable 16-inch-tall plush complete with Kidrobot’s signature squeeze-sensitive vibration feature. Shake action when you hug it! Shake action when you clap! Batteries included.

Trick or treat!

Hello Kitty is in her Halloween costume and ready for an eerie-sistibly fun time! The sweet icon is all dressed up as a pumpkin, and she’s looking gourd-geous. The Hello Kitty Halloween Pumpkin Plush by Kidrobot measures 13-inches tall and is made of the softest premium materials.

“Kill me? I am eternal”…..

Pennywise wants to creep you company! The perfect cuddle buddy or movie watching companion, this Roto Plush will be right by your side…watching you sleep…haunting your nightmares…Sporting a maniacal grin, Pennywise is 18-inches tall, features sculpted parts on a floppy plush body, and wears his signature clown suit from the classic made-for-TV miniseries, IT.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. We all float down here!

The IT (1990): Pennywise MDS Roto Plush comes packaged in a window box, perfect for display.

IT Pennywise Plush 8-inch Roto Phunny by Kidrobot. The premium materials and silly squeezability of PHUNNY plushes collide with fresh rotocast elements to form ROTO-PHUNNY, a new line from Kidrobot! Measuring 8 inches tall seated, IT’s Pennywise the clown is now a super-soft plush with rotocast face, hands and feet. Scary. Cute. Scary-cute.

Kidrobot brings you a throwback to true terror with a perfect plush balance between fright and delight. Crafted after the original Pennywise played by Tim Curry in the iconic 1990 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s novel It, this 8-inch tall IT Pennywise 1990 Phunny Plush is packed with cuteness, nostalgia… and nightmares! With an inviting smile and boat in hand, this scary soft clown is a must for your collection.

If you’ve ever wanted a Killer Klown plush of your own, now’s your chance to get the iconic Rudy from Killer Klowns from Outer Space!

Fresh from an alien planet where everyone looks like a clown, he’s ready to crash land on your shelf and he’s got an “appetite” for a close encounter. This Phunny plush from Kidrobot measures 8-inch tall in the seated position and is made from the softest premium plush materials

Sometimes when you’re a monstrous skyscraper-scaling, airplane smashing gorilla, you need to let down your hair and show off your silly side. This 7” King Kong plush Phunny does just that with his crown and he makes a great addition to any collection of King Kong or Kidrobot fanatics.

Each plush measures approximately 7-inches tall. The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary 7-Inch Pop!

Choose from: Pumpkin King, Santa Jack, Zero or Sally