Bethany Lowe Designs

A Michelle Allen Halloween design for Bethany Lowe Designs. Little Boo loves pumpkins so much, not even “’til death do us part” will stop this cute ghost from running and advertising his very own pumpkin patch! Doing his best to make sure everyone sees him despite being a ghost, he wears a black and orange crepe paper ruff while carrying a “Boo’s Pumpkin Patch” sign. Hand painted detailing on this little ghost and the pumpkin he carries make this figure a must have! Pair him with more ghost figures and little pumpkins for a fun haunted pumpkin patch display!

  • Size: 4.5x4x2.5″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Printed Paper & Crepe Paper

Dressed to impress, Dapper Desmond Skelly dons a black glittered top hat that adds a touch of elegance and mystery to his ensemble. His black and white suit, featuring striped pants and a dashing jacket, creates a sense of timeless style. A marvelous monocle adds a majestic touch as well! Completing his dapper look, he wears a black rufflecrepe collar that accentuates his skeletal charm. In his skeletal hand, Dapper Desmond Skelly holds a black bat, intricately painted with white skeleton details. This delightful accessory adds a fun yet spooky element to his character, embodying the spirit of Halloween in a haunting and artistic manner.

  • Size: 18x10x6.5″
  • Material: Paper Mache, Resin, Chain, Wire & Glitter

Devine Desiree Skelly is all dressed up and ready for a masquerade. She is hand-painted with attention to detail and holds a black glittered bat mask. She is dressed for a Hallows’ Eve night on the town! Materials: Hand-painted resin, paper, wire, and glitter.

Dimensions: 5″ x 3.5″ x 10″

This ornament features a black glittered cat sitting on a crescent moon painted white with a pearl finish. The moon has a face with a black glittered mask and a ribbon tied in a bow in the back and gazes at the cat.

Materials: Hand-painted resin and glitter.

Dimensions: 4.5″ X 4.5″ X 1.5″

A Bethany Lowe design. Vignette boxes are an easy way to decorate for Halloween, and they also make great gifts! Present a gift inside this Happy Haunting Ghost on a box, no ribbon or gift wrapping required! A cute, slightly surprised ghost stands on top of this box, holding an orange carved jack o’ lantern next to a black glittered bottle brush tree. You could also store your Halloween treats in the box, no one will ever think to look in there!

  • Size: 7.5×4″
  • Material: Pressed Paper, Bottle Brush, Beads, Glitter & Tinsel

Besides ghosts, black cats, witches well the list could go on and on…Owls are also another fun way to add to your Halloween decor! We are fond of all trinket boxes, but this charming Hoot On Box features a small owl figurine wearing a dapper party hat while holding a festive sign that reads “Trick or Treat”, setting the stage for a night full of fun, frightful surprises.. Perched atop a black-and-white polka dot box with an orange lid accessorized with orange crepe paper, this wide-eyed hootie owl figure is ready to make your haunted home even more festive. In addition to being super cool and adorable, this piece adds a dash of classic Halloween color to any party theme or decor set up. Hoot on Box is perfect for those looking to get in the spirit of the spooky season! Don’t forget to fill up the box with treats so you can tantalize their taste buds as well!

  • Size: 6.25×3.75×3.75″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Pressed Paper, Wire & Crepe Paper

As the leaves start to crisp and the nights draw in, it’s time for the witches to come out and play. Lucky for you this Just A Wee Bit Wicked Witch only wants to play a few pranks. While she may look every bit the kindly old lady, her bag of tricks will have you think twice about that ‘friendly’ grin on her face! This 13-inch tall hand-painted resin figurine is just bursting with wicked Halloween charm. She wears a hooded black dress and an orange Halloween themed cloak and her out stretched hand holds an apple (let’s hope it isn’t poisonous!) just above her conspicuously labeled bag. We believe this witch could literally be a terrific piece on a spinner, in a place of prominence in your home. Take a look at that phenomenal orange coat with the word HALLOWEEN scrawled along the edge of the coat. This witch needs to be seen from all sides to be appreciated! A fantastic addition to a witch figurine collection or in the center of a display of spooky trees and moss.

  • Size: 13x8x6″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Cotton, Wood & Moss

The Kitty Bucket Head is here to add a touch of whimsy and fun charm to your Halloween decor! This unique decoration is perfect for those looking to mix nostalgic Halloween vibes with a fun twist. He may look a little silly in his orange-and-white clown outfit adorned with cheeky black, orange and purple polka dots, not to mention the festive crepe paper collar and pom-poms buttons completing the outfit. But he is sure to be a delight hanging on a black Halloween tree or a feather tree. You can also create the perfect trio of vintage style paper mache Halloween figures by grouping him up with Pumpkinny Bucket Head and Skullie Bucket Head.

  • Size: 5.25x3x2.25″
  • Material: Paper Mache, Crepe Paper & Wire

We would not suggest taking a bite out of this red apple! The Large Red Apple With Green Poison Bucket certainly is a Halloween decoration with a twist, in fact so much so that it sells out every time we receive them. This whimsically styled resin bucket is perfect for adding a fun and fresh touch to your holiday celebration. This vibrant red apple has been drenched with goopy green poison goo, oozing down the entire bucket, but on the front the green goo creates an image of a skull. It’s a striking piece that looks both spooky and fun at the same time. This whimsical bucket is a fantastic addition for a fairy tale themed Halloween. Fill it with sweets for your guests to snack on when they visit or add it to a collection of Halloween candy buckets.

  • Size: 8x8x6.5″, 13″ Tall w/Handle
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin & Wire

Fraya witch is watching the Halloween festivities from on top of her glittering moon. The moon is encrusted with silver glitter and has a dangling silver glittered star. Freya is dressed in a black tutu with silver sparkles and orange and black leggings. She is carrying her broom, JOL lantern, and a Halloween book. She is the perfect friendly little witch to add to your collection of Halloween goodies.

Materials: Hand-painted resin, glitter, tulle, natural bristles, ribbon, and wire.

Dimensions: 6.5″ x 2.75″ x 8.5″

The Midnight Crow On Skull is a mesmerizing hand-painted resin figure that weaves an enchanting tale of mystery and sophistication. Resting upon a black round stand, a jawless skull becomes the perch for the crow. Missing its mandible, just the top front teeth remain, but its eerie presence, hinting at an otherworldly connection, seems to gather spirits of the night, like delicate golden moths and this timely crow. Perched regally atop the skull, the distinguished crow captivates with its dapper attire. Adorned in a top hat and sporting stylish glasses, this avian companion exudes an air of intelligence. Tucked beneath its wing, a book awaits, its pages holding the secrets of hidden knowledge and arcane wisdom. Lastly, dangling gracefully from a chain in its beak is a simple pocket watch…tick tock!

  • Size: 12.25x6x5.5″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Flocking, Paper, MDF & Wire

We’ve all heard of the man in the moon, but still we were unprepared for this very green witch in the moon! Rather than craters, this green Moon Witch has warts and wrinkles to give her a textured visage. Little glittery spiders with cartoonish eyes pay no mind to her calculating stare as they clamber across her face. One such glittery spider goes so far as to make its wire web in her just as glittery witch hat! Her crescent shape and painted details make this papier mache piece a must have for your Halloween decor!

Size 17 x 16 x 10″

Material: Paper Mache, Wire and Glitter