Bethany Lowe Designs

This vintage inspired paper mache black cat bucket is perfect for holding Halloween candy or more!

Materials: Hand-painted paper mache, vellum, and wire.

Dimensions: 10″ X 8″ X 8″

This friendly vintage inspired black cat is hiding his head inside a very scary paper mache Jack O’ Lantern. The JOL is orange with cut out eyes, nose and mouth.

Materials: Paper mache, wire, and velum.

Dimensions: 7″ X 5″ X 11.5″

This ghost is peeking up over a Jack-O-Lantern to say Boo! He is all dressed up in his party hat and ready for All Hallows’ Eve! You can add a C7 light in the opening in the back to make the pumpkin face glow!

Light not included.

Materials: Hand-painted paper mache and tissue paper.

Dimensions: 15″ X 13″ X 18″

This Boo, by Michelle Allen of Raggedy Pants Designs, is tiny and so delightful! He sits on top of a little block with printed paper and crepe paper for a finishing touch.

Materials: Hand-painted resin, pressed paper, paper, crepe paper, glitter, and tinsel.

Dimensions: 2″ X 2″ X 4″

A Michelle Allen Halloween design for Bethany Lowe Designs. Little Boo loves pumpkins so much, not even “’til death do us part” will stop this cute ghost from running and advertising his very own pumpkin patch! Doing his best to make sure everyone sees him despite being a ghost, he wears a black and orange crepe paper ruff while carrying a “Boo’s Pumpkin Patch” sign. Hand painted detailing on this little ghost and the pumpkin he carries make this figure a must have! Pair him with more ghost figures and little pumpkins for a fun haunted pumpkin patch display!

  • Size: 4.5x4x2.5″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Printed Paper & Crepe Paper

This spooky but sweet, vintage inspired bubble light ghost, holds a happy pumpkin with a smile! An orange candle bubbles when plugged into an electrical outlet. Resin and glitter with bubble light. Plug fits US outlet.

Materials: Hand-painted resin, glass, and glitter with electrically wired bubble light.

Dimensions: 10.5″ X 4.5″ X 4″

Make a statement in your window or entryway with this large hanging moon with black cat silhouette. This piece is made of a thick gauge tin and then covered with black glitter to add some sparkle to your display!

Materials: Tin and glitter.

Dimensions: 15″ X 15″

This black crow and vintage skull on box is perfect to add Halloween haunts to your decor. This piece sets on top of a printed paper trinket box.

Materials: Hand-painted resin, pressed paper, glitter, natural moss, and crepe paper.

Dimensions: 4.5″ X 4.5″ X 9″

Dressed to impress, Dapper Desmond Skelly dons a black glittered top hat that adds a touch of elegance and mystery to his ensemble. His black and white suit, featuring striped pants and a dashing jacket, creates a sense of timeless style. A marvelous monocle adds a majestic touch as well! Completing his dapper look, he wears a black rufflecrepe collar that accentuates his skeletal charm. In his skeletal hand, Dapper Desmond Skelly holds a black bat, intricately painted with white skeleton details. This delightful accessory adds a fun yet spooky element to his character, embodying the spirit of Halloween in a haunting and artistic manner.

  • Size: 18x10x6.5″
  • Material: Paper Mache, Resin, Chain, Wire & Glitter

Devine Desiree Skelly is all dressed up and ready for a masquerade. She is hand-painted with attention to detail and holds a black glittered bat mask. She is dressed for a Hallows’ Eve night on the town! Materials: Hand-painted resin, paper, wire, and glitter.

Dimensions: 5″ x 3.5″ x 10″

This ghoulish paper mache moon is sure to haunt you. This moon is painted yellow with a white ghost who is wearing a black witch hat and carrying a happy Jack-O-Lantern bucket. A little black glittered spider friend is dangling from the brim of his hat. Light not included.

Materials: Hand-painted paper Mache, glitter, and wire.

Dimensions: 15″ X 8.25″ X 19.5″

This ornament features a black glittered cat sitting on a crescent moon painted white with a pearl finish. The moon has a face with a black glittered mask and a ribbon tied in a bow in the back and gazes at the cat.

Materials: Hand-painted resin and glitter.

Dimensions: 4.5″ X 4.5″ X 1.5″