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Wonderful Figurine With A Pumpkin Body And Wearing A Pointed Black Witches Hat Accented With A Gold Band.

Sold Individually 3 Characters to choose from: Pumpkin, Cat or Skeleton

Material: Polyresin

Dimensions: 10.5 In H X 3. In W X 3. In D

Give your Halloween decorating spine chilling appeal with Toady sitting on Skull. This Toad holds the keys to a very important door….

Hand painted resin, wire, feather

12.25″ X 7″ X 10″

Johanna Parker Designs

Material: Resin

Dimensions: 6.00″ L x 6.00″ W x 7.50″ H

He has a pumpkin head with arms and legs that look like branches and has green fabric leaves under her head. Treats is carrying a pumpkin bucket with a little frog friend who is wearing a party hat on his head. She also has a spider coming down from a swirly pumpkin stem.

Dimensions: 11″ X 5″ X 5″
Material: Hand-painted resin, fabric, moss, wire, and glitter decor

Add some old-time fun to your Halloween with this Vintage Halloween 3-D Spooky Centerpiece.

Circa 1975, this fun centerpiece features a ghost, a coffin two rats. The ghost stands 9.5″ tall on top of the 2″ x 3″ x 8.5″ coffin. The rats are 3″ tail to nose and 2″ top to bottom. Some assembly required, direction included.

Give each a scare just like the scared cat that is pictured on the Cat and Moon Centerpiece.

Have fun decorating the centers of the tables this Halloween with the Cat and Moon Centerpiece. The Cat and Moon Centerpiece is classic decoration that has been brought back with the customers in mind. We all get excited when we come across a decoration that we enjoyed as a child growing up.

The Cat and Moon Centerpiece is decorated with a full orange moon with a black cat that appears to be very scared. The base of the Cat and Moon Centerpiece is black art-tissue, opens fully.

Product Features

  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Made of cardstock and tissue material
  • One (1) per package


  • Size: 4 inches x 9 inches x 2 inches
  • Package Count: (25/package)
  • 12 packages per case
  • Twist ties included

Add a spooky and vintage twist to your Halloween decorations with the Vintage Halloween Classic Cutouts. Each package features an assortment of colorful cutouts that are great for decorating your walls, doors, and windows.

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • Sizes range in measurement from 9 ½ inches to 16 inches
  • Contains seven (7) per package

Whether large or small, these classic Vintage Halloween Cutouts will help you set a vintage feel for your Halloween celebration! Sold four cutouts per package, these colorful classic designs are printed on high quality card stock.

Product Features

  • 4 cutouts per package
  • reusable with care

Decorate for a vintage Halloween with these vintage Halloween Cutouts! You’ll receive four cutouts per package.

Product Features

  • Full Body Witch measures: Eleven (11) inches tall by seven (7) inches wide
  • Witch Head measures: Nine and a quarter (9-1/4) inches tall by nine (9) inches wide
  • Smoking Jack-O-Lantern measures: Eleven (11) inches tall by five (5) inches wide
  • Moon and Stars measures: Six and three quarter (6-3/4) inches tall by seven (7) inches wide
  • Four (4) per package

Celebrate Halloween this year with these vintage Halloween decoration Fanci-Dress Cutouts. Included in this package are four different characters dressed for a vintage Halloween. The Fanci-Dress Cutouts are printed on two sides, and measures seventeen inches tall by six and a half inches wide. Hang these Fanci-Dress Cutouts on a wall, door, or hang them from the ceiling.

Product Features

  • Four (4) per package
  • Made of cardstock material
  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Included in this set is a witch, a black cat, a skeleton, and an owl

Celebrate Halloween by decorating with the Vintage Halloween Fluorescent Cutouts!

They’ll add a vibrant and colorful accent to the room and give your decorations a classic vintage finish.

Each package contains an assortment of cutouts including cats, owls, a witch, and a spooky haunted house. Their intricate details and distinctive colors will create an eye catching display and stand out! Each cat features a set of detachable legs which allows them to stand on their own giving them a 3-D element.

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • Sizes range in measurement from 8 ½ inches to 13 ¾ inches
  • Contains ten (10) per package
  • Simple assembly required

Keep guest on their toes by decorating with the Jointed Scratch Cat.

This is a classic Halloween decoration that will remind you of the decorations that you saw as a child.

The Jointed Scratch Cat is a black cat that has big orange eyes, orange mouth, and jointed legs and tail that can be posed

Product Features

  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Jointed with metal grommets
  • One (1) per package

Celebrate Halloween with a blast from the past when you add this Vintage Halloween Jointed Witch to your decorations!  Recreated from the original artwork released in 1976, this fully jointed cut-out is a classic!  The witch stands 4.75′ tall and is printed one side on high quality cardstock.

Product Features

  • Reproduced from original 1976 design
  • Fully jointed
  • Printed one-side on high quality cardstock

Go vintage with these classic Nite-Glow Skull cutouts. Reproduced from an original 1973 design, each package has six glow in the dark cutouts printed both sides. Three 8.5″ cutouts and Three 12.75″ cutouts

Product Features

  • Vintage reproduction of original 1973 design
  • Nite-Glo glows in the dark
  • Printed two sides
  • Six per package

Halloween’s not complete without pumpkins! The Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Cutouts will add an abundance of personality to your decorations and they are sure to get your guests attention and stand out.

Each colorful pumpkin displays a different facial expression from intimating to happy to silly. They’ll put a smile on your guest’s face when they see them!

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • Sizes range in measurement from 6 ½ inches to 9 ½ inches
  • Contains eight (8) per package

What could get much better than cats playing musical instruments?
Being able to decorate with these talented cat that are found in the Scat Cat Band Cutouts.

The Scat Cat Band Cutouts are favorites that have been brought back into production due to request. The Scat Cat Band Cutouts come in a package that contains four different cutouts. Each of the four cutouts features a cat playing a musical instrument.

Product Features

  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Made of cardstock material
  • Measures: Seventeen (17) inches tall
  • Four (4) per package

Wow your guests at your next vintage Halloween themed party with this colorful and fun Vintage Halloween Tablecover.
The table cover measures 54″ X 108″ and is reusable with care. Features classic Vintage Beistle design.

Product Features

  • 54″ X 108″
  • Reusable with care
  • Features classic Vintage Beistle design

These cute characters will add a fun, eye catching display to your home or office and their intricate details and retro color scheme will give a classic style to your decorations.

Each package includes a witch, a skeleton, and a cat. Their heads, bodies, hands, and feet are made of cardstock with tissue arms and legs.

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock and tissue
  • Printed two sides
  • Measure 14 inches
  • Completely assembled
  • Contains three (3) per package

There’s nothing scary about this fun Vintage Halloween Tissue Spider, recreated from the original 1975 design. This friendly creepy crawler measures 12″ x 12″ when opened full round. Printed both sides on high quality cardstock, this classic is sure to become a Halloween favorite!

Celebrate Halloween with the Vintage Halloween Totem Pole Cutouts! They’ll add a spooky and classic accent to your decorations and their intricate details are sure to catch your guest’s attention.

Made of cardstock and printed on two sides. Sizes range in measurement from 6 inches to 28 inches. Contains six (6) per package.

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • Sizes range in measurement from 6 inches to 28 inches
  • Contains six (6) per package

Get in the spirit of Halloween with these retro-inspired Vintage Halloween Whirls. They’ll add a sense of nostalgia wherever they hang and add a classic accent to your decorations.

Product Features

  • Black Metallic Spiral Whirls
  • (6) Have cardstock icons attached to the end – printed on two sides
  • (6) Are plain whirls
  • Sizes range in measurement from 17 ½ inches to 29 ½ inches
  • Contains twelve (12) per package

This one-tooth wonderful witch is reaching for the moon in this vintage replica Witch and Moon Centerpiece.

The Witch and Moon Centerpiece is made of cardstock material, and it is printed on two sides. The base of the Witch and Moon Centerpiece is made of black tissue material. It looks like everyone is happy in this Witch and Moon Centerpiece.

The moon has a smile on his face, showing his white straight teeth, and the witch has a smile on her face as she is tugging on the hair of Mr. Moon.

The Witch and Moon Centerpiece is a vintage Beistle reproduction, which was originally designed in 1930. Take a look at the Cat and Moon Centerpiece, which is another vintage

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock and black tissue material
  • Measures: Nine and three quarter (9-3/4) inches tall by eight and a quarter (8-1/4) inches wide
  • One (1) per package

Planning a retro-style for Halloween this year? Capture that classic Halloween feel with theese vintage cutouts.

Each package contain four cutouts and all feature a classic vintage style black cat. They look great hung on the wall, tucked onto a bookshelf or attached to basket for a centerpiece.

Product Features

  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Measures: Nine (9) inches
  • Four (4) per package

This witch snack bowl or dish is so cute you’ll want to use the bowl all year long and not just for Halloween! The witch snack dish is great because she wears purple bat shaped glasses on her cute face as her costume all year round.

Material: Dolomite Ceramic

Dimensions:  5.25×5.25×4.25″

  • Food safe
  • Not microwave safe
  • Handwash only