Glow in the dark plastic fangs.

Cool Grillz Gold Grill

Custom Fitting for “Natural” Look

Cool Grillz – Silver Diamond Cut Grill

Custom Fitting for “Natural” Look

Hammer Horror – Dracula Teeth come with upper teeth featuring killer fangs and are made from rigid plastic. Each set of teeth are meticulously painted to show all the horrible monstrous detail.

Applying the teeth is easy, thanks to our Friendly Plastic Pellets that come with each set of teeth. Simply heat up the Friendly Plastic in hot water, position the Friendly Plastic into the teeth and fit them over your own teeth.

Hillbilly Teeth with Braces

Re Useable and custom fitting

Vampire Fangs

Scarecrow Fangs are known the world over as THE fangs to have. With a special NEW system of customization/attachment (a clear, Quick Set Dental Compound), these are arguably the most realistic looking teeth on the market. These teeth tend to fit larger teeth. Included with the teeth and customizing products in each really cool crypt case is a complete instruction sheet as well as enough of the customization supplies to fit the teeth a couple of times.

Small/Peteite Vampire Fangs – Screacrow Brand

These Petite Fangs are best for smaller teeth or sometimes used for lower teeth when creating a Werewolf look.  Each pair of teeth comes in its own Crypt Case complete with instructions.  All deluxe fangs use a specially formulated dental material for the tightest fit.  In your case you will get two doses of the customizing – “snap fit” dental chemistry, just in case you need to try it again.

Vampire Teeth

Custom fitting for a natural look! You can eat, drink and talk normally with these fangs. Just mix the denture compound, press it into the fangs and place in your mouth to get an exact fit to your own teeth. Can be used over and over again.