You don’t have just a decomposing zombie coming for you but also an angry awakened mummy chasing you down. Give your guests a fright at your Halloween party when you decorate your table tops with the 3-D Mummy & Zombie Centerpieces.

Measuring 18 inches tall, these scary monsters are printed on both sides of cardstock material. One centerpiece is an unraveling mummy whose missing a few teeth reaching out for you and the other is a blood soaked zombie whose had a chunk of his brain eaten out! Simply bend the creases, place the base on the table and line up the slots on the base with the monster to create a 3-D effect!

Product Features

  • Two centerpieces per package
  • Each centerpiece measures 18 inches tall and approximately 22 inches wide
  • Made of cardstock material, printed on both sides
  • Simple assembly required

Red and Green Striped Tights

Adult One Size Fits: 5′-5’9″ and 100-170lbs

Show off your Christmas spirit wearing these festive red and green tights. Perfect addition to an elf costume or spice it up with a sexy Christmas costume.


Includes: One pair of red and green striped tights

They’re “bat-tastic” for hanging on the walls, doors, windows, or from the ceiling and the various sizes will add a dimensional element to your decorations and bring a life-like atmosphere to your party.


Product Features

  • Made of cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • (8) Measure 10 inches
  • (10) Measure 12 inches
  • (2) Measure 14 inches
  • Contains a total of (20) per package

Want to make your house hauntingly scary this Halloween? Then make sure to hang up these Bat Whirls, which are sure to scare some of the trick-or-treaters that make their way to your front porch. Place a few of these hanging decorations right near the entrance and hang the others Bat Whirls near a darker corner to they appear as if they are flying out of the darkness.

Product Features

  • Bat Whirls
  • Each package includes five (5) whirls
  • Each whirl measures forty (40) inches
  • Bat measurements range from eight and a half (8 1/2) to nine and a half (9 1/2) inches wide
  • Printed cardstock icons attached

Adult Biblical Times Costume 
This versatile Adult Biblical costume includes  a brown short sleeved  robe, a long sleeve cream under robe, and a coordinating rope belt. This costume is perfect for Christmas plays, Nativity scenes and much, much more!

Includes Brown Robe, Cream Robe and Rope Belt Only

Adult Size: Standard -Fits up to a chest size 42

Get ready to creep out your party guests with the Bloody Handprints Tablecover. This tablecover is spooky without a doubt. The Bloody Handprints Tablecover is made of white plastic and covered with blood red hand prints and splatters. The “blood” on this tablecover is so realistic that many of your party guests will have to take a second glance just to make sure everything is OK

Product Features

  • One (1) Per Package
  • Measures: Fifty-four (54) Inches by One-Hundred and Eight (108) Inches
  • Made of plastic material
  • White tablecover with bloody hand prints and splatters

Rental Costume for viewing purposes only, you must come into Screamers Costumes at 15 Mile and Gratiot to rent.

Planning to turn your house into the scariest haunted house on the block? Setting up for a night of adventure gaming?

This high quality, high resolution Catacombs Backdrop on your wall will set the perfect ambiance.This incredibly detailed scene setter backdrop is a great addition to any room. Pin or tape the Open Grave Insta View to your ceiling and once your guests look up they will feel like they fell into a grave.

Product Features

  • Measures: 4 feet high and 30 feet long
  • Printed on a thin plastic sheet
  • Hang on your walls with tape or pins
  • One (1) backdrop per package

Child Size Santa Beard

Santa Beard and Moustache Set features white synthetic hair in a long fluffy beard with attached moustache on an elastic white strap that secures it to the face. Your child will let out a festive ‘ho, ho, ho’ as he spreads the spirit of Christmas to all the neighborhood children.

Child’s Play Good Guy Chucky 15-Inch Talking Doll

Mezco presents the doll that started it all, the Good Guys Doll. Before he became possessed, Chucky was a cheerful and playful doll. Talented designers have captured Chucky’s once innocent look based off the popular film series Child’s Play. Every detail of his iconic outfit has been replicated from his bright red hair to his classic overalls. Chucky also speaks 4 movie accurate phrases when a discreetly placed button on his back is activated. Inspired by the film, the Good Guy Doll Chucky 15-Inch Talking Doll comes packaged in a secure, film-inspired window box, perfect for any Child’s Play collection! Requires 3x “LR44” batteries (included).

Deluxe Santa Belt

Adult Size Fits a 46-54″ Waist

Faux leather belt with over sized Holiday buckle. Gold buckle measures 6.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The belt is 3 3/4 inches wide.

Perfect accessory for your Santa costume.

Keep in mind the waist size is not necessarily your waist size, the belt goes around the mid section of your Santa coat and you may have added extra padding under the jacket so measure accordingly.

Adult Unisex Elf Jumper Costume

Unisex for men and women

Costume includes: a one piece soft and cozy elf themed jumpsuit



Adult Sizes Available:

Small:Women’s Dress Size 6-10 Men’s Chest Size 34-36″

Medium:Women’s Dress Size 10-14 Men’s Chest Size 38-40″

Large: Women’s Dress Size 14-16 Men’s Chest Size 42-44″