Halloween Masks

Donald Trump Mask

Adult Full Over the Head Latex Mask


A humorous hillbilly style mask

Adult full over the head latex mask

Doomsday Muzzle

Create a memorable post-apocalyptic costume with the help of this gas mask accessory. Fits surely around your head with thick elastic straps

This gas mask is purely a decorative mask for wearing.

Adult Size Latex Mask

Straight forward look, clean lines, easy to wear, with great visibility. The bite me character is funny and generates great audience reaction.

The Beholder is one of the earliest D&D creatures and a true fan favorite! This expertly sculpted Beholder mask features 10 protruding eye stalks, spikes and gapping toothy maw this mask is sure to terrify! 

A classic D&D alien creature known for creating obedient thralls using powerful psionic abilities and eating the brains of their living victims.

This amazing new mask features 4 hanging tentacles.

From the timeless Role Playing Game, Dungeons & Dragons comes the official Pit Fiend Mask. This mask is large and imposing, making it the perfect addition to your Halloween Costume or for Display as a trophy in your game room.
“Their might is incalculable. Their desires are beyond comprehension. And their appetites defy all understanding. Raised from the shrieking agonies of the Pit of Flame, they understand pain and suffering like no others.”
— The mortal mage Nomoto Sinh
Material: Latex

From the depths of Dungeons & Dragons past comes the official Warduke Helmet. This helmet is made of lightweight injection plastic and features a pearlescent finish, foam padding, and detachable wings. A incredible piece for cosplay or display.

Eagle Deluxe Latex Mask

Deluxe Latex Eagle Mask features a full over-the-head latex sculpted design. Show your American pride in this fantastic mask!!

 This is a full over the head mask, hand painted and made entirely out of high quality latex.

Adult Size


This officially licensed Tales from the Crypt Quicksand Zombie latex full mask was modeled by star make-up artist, Justin Mabry. Based on the famous horror comics from EC Comics!

Full over the head adult latex mask. Large horns and attached hair with large eye openings.

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Halloween Elrod Michael Myers Mask!

This mask is based on the beginning of Halloween II when The Shape steals Miss Elrod’s sandwich knife.

The Elrod Michael Myers Mask was sculpted by Art Director, Justin Mabry, the king of Halloween Franchise Movie Masks for a realistic, screen-accurate mask.

Due to the handmade nature of this mas there may be slight variations in size, weathering, color, and hair may exist. This mask is sculpted to fit the average human head (22-24″ in diameter) and contains natural rubber latex, which may cause an allergic reaction in latex-sensitive individuals.