Halloween Masks

Devil Face Mask


Direct from the depths of the ninth plane of hell comes the Devil. Complete with horns, mustache, goatee and fiendish smile, the Devil is ready to make deals with gullible humans.

Aaron Lewis sculpted this amazing facemask, designed and finished in the most classic style. Get your self a hood or red cloak and charm all your friends into doing your bidding.ᅠ

This Devil facemask comes with a sewn strap to fit comfortably on your face.

Devil Skull Latex Mask

Chill them to the bone in this scary Devil Skull mask!
This mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head completely when worn. The mask also features a chest flap that extends down, covering the wearer’s neck and collar, ensuring that the mask can be easily combined with a variety of other costumes and looks. This awesomely detailed mask makes a great display piece as well!

Adult size full over the head mask

Devil’s Ink Mask

This heavily tattooed demon shows signs of human features that are clearly being over taken by the severe overbite, dead eyes, pointed ears and the small horns protruding from his forehead, one has since cracked off. This deluxe mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head completely when worn


Want to look Presidential? Well you can in the Donald Trump Adult Latex Mask

Full over the head adult mask with faux hair

This soft latex Donld Trump mask makes you look just like our former present Commander-in-Chief! Deluxe Realistic Mask is simple and comfortable to wear. Just add your favorite suit and tie for a presidential look!


A humorous hillbilly style mask

Adult full over the head latex mask

Doomsday Muzzle

Create a memorable post-apocalyptic costume with the help of this gas mask accessory. Fits surely around your head with thick elastic straps

This gas mask is purely a decorative mask for wearing.

Adult Size Latex Mask

Straight forward look, clean lines, easy to wear, with great visibility. The bite me character is funny and generates great audience reaction.

The Beholder is one of the earliest D&D creatures and a true fan favorite! This expertly sculpted Beholder mask features 10 protruding eye stalks, spikes and gapping toothy maw this mask is sure to terrify! 

A classic D&D alien creature known for creating obedient thralls using powerful psionic abilities and eating the brains of their living victims.

This amazing new mask features 4 hanging tentacles.

Eagle Deluxe Latex Mask

Deluxe Latex Eagle Mask features a full over-the-head latex sculpted design. Show your American pride in this fantastic mask!!

 This is a full over the head mask, hand painted and made entirely out of high quality latex.

Adult Size


This officially licensed Tales from the Crypt Quicksand Zombie latex full mask was modeled by star make-up artist, Justin Mabry. Based on the famous horror comics from EC Comics!