Halloween Masks

Jack O’Lantern Latex Pumpkin Mask

Mr. Jack O’ Lantern, straight from Ireland ready to create havoc this Halloween. A full over the head latex mask, hand painted with precision detail. The classic carved eyes and evil grin will have all the kiddies running for the their lives and dropping their bags of candy!

Adult size full over the head latex mask


Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th

Plastic Jason Mask with Elastic Straps. Adult One Size

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios is proud to present the first officially licensed Bruce the Shark Mask from Steven Spielberg’s Horror Classic, JAWS.

Sculpted by Mikey Rottela, every detail of Bruce in the closing scene is captured in this amazing likeness, including the tank that Brody shoots at the ending of the film and the remains of Quintメs hand.

This mask fit perfectly due to the foam filling on the inside of the mask, which lines your eye perfectly with the eye cuts in Bruce’s mouth.

Sculpted by the creator of The Creeper for Jeepers Creepers Parts 1 and 2, Master FX Artist Brian Penikas, this is the most accurate Creeper mask ever produced! How can we make such a claim you ask? Because this mask came directly from Brian’s screen used master mold of the Creepers. So now you can buy a mask of The Creeper directly from the movie mold!

Jingle Jangle Evil Clown Latex Halloween Mask

This mischievous little imp is certainly up to no good. Jingle Jangle is part Demon, Evil Clown, Jester and who knows what else! This mask is a full over the head latex mask featuring excellent hand painted detailing and gold jingle bells

Adult size full over the head latex mask.


A Humorous Old Man Type mask

Adult full over the head latex mask

Jordu Schell is a renowned sculptor and concept designer who has worked on films including Avatar, Starship Troopers and Dawn of the Dead (2004)! Dry Rot is a reimagining of one of Jordu’s classic and iconic mask designs from the late 80’s.

Get this and the other Jordu Classics for your collection and use it to creep out your neighborhood this Halloween!

Junior Skull Child Size Latex Mask

This Junior Skull Mask is made of high quality latex for optimal comfort and is of smaller size to create a perfect fit for child to teenagers. This latex full overhead skull mask features a realistic skull head that shines like polished bone. It looks great under a black light and is very lightweight. Black mesh over the eye sockets make the wearer’s eyes invisible. The junior teen skull Halloween mask is of superb quality and is hand painted for realistic shading. The hidden eye and breathing holes make it unnervingly realistic.

Full over the head latex mask

Beautifully sculpted by F/X artist Jordu Schell, this horned demon is what nightmares are made of. Full over the head latex, individually had painted.

Child Size Jeff The Killer Latex Mask

Shhhhh, Just Go To Sleep! This mask is a great choice for scaring your friends this Halloween, or anytime of the year. This is a full over the head, hand painted latex mask with attached hair

Kids Slenderman Latex Halloween Mask

This spooky guy is a pale faceless boogeyman with deep sunken in eyes. This is a full over the head, hand painted latex mask with screened in eyes.

Child size full over the head latex mask

Sculpted by Tom Devlin, this is without a doubt the most screen accurate Killer Klown Fatso Mask ever produced.

Using countless screen shots and numberous pictures of the actual screen masks which we took at Monsterpalooza, Tom included every detail of our favorite Killer Klown From Outer Space.