Watch out for the spider webs! Make your next Halloween party unforgettable with this Spider Web Tablecover. Each tablecover is printed on one side only, made of plastic material

Product Features

  • One (1) per package
  • Printed on one side only
  • Measures 4 1/2 feet by 9 feet
  • Made of plastic material

Johanna Parker Design

Material: Dolomite
Dimensions: 4.75″ L x 4.50″ W x 6.75″ H

This Spooky Cloth is really quite spooky. You can hang the Spooky Cloth in a window or around a doorway for a spooky look this Halloween. Or use this inexpensive party supply as a tablecover for an added decoration for a Halloween Party food and beverage tables.

This Halloween cloth is made of a thin flame resistant cheese cloth like material. The cloth has holes in it for an extra spooky look. It measures twelve feet by thirty inches. If you are looking for more spooky items take a look at the Halloween Horror Fabric Novelty Apron, the Blood Splatter Neck Tie, or the Bloody Wall Backdrop.

Product Features

  • Spooky Cloth
  • One (1) per package
  • Measures: (12) feet by (30) inches
  • Made of a thin flame resistant cheese cloth like material

Johanna Parker Design

Material: Dolomite
Dimensions: 4.75″ L x 4.50″ W x 6.75″ H

Wonderful Figurine With A Pumpkin Body And Wearing A Pointed Black Witches Hat Accented With A Gold Band.

Sold Individually 3 Characters to choose from: Pumpkin, Cat or Skeleton

Material: Polyresin

Dimensions: 10.5 In H X 3. In W X 3. In D

Acclaimed designer, Bethany Lowe is known for her witch creations, so now you can experience the enchantment of the Star Luna Witch, and add this mesmerizing creation to your witchy collection! This extraordinary piece, measuring 12×7 inches, is meticulously handcrafted from hand-painted resin, moss, gauze, and glitter. With its fantastic attention to detail and imaginative design, the Star Luna Witch embodies the spirit of Bethany Lowe’s artistic prowess.

  • Size: 11.5×7.75×4.5″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Moss, Gauze & Glitter

This high resolution, top quality photo realistic stone wall backdrop looks just like a real stone wall. The uses for this are endless including a castle backdrop, a dungeon backdrop, creating the mood for your next RPG session, or just for decorating a room in an old style stone theme.

At 4 feet high and 30 feet wide you can cover a large area.

What do you want on your tombstone when it comes that time? I bet they won’t be as unique as these Halloween Tombstones. Each Tombstone Cutout has a riddled name, and dates of birth and death. Flip each cutout over to reveal a catchy phrase on the back that will make everyone laugh. The Tombstone Cutouts come with four (4) Tombstones that are 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Product Features

  • Tombstone are 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide
  • Printed on front and back of cardstock material
  • Four different cutouts with 8 different designs
  • Four (4) per package

Bethany Lowe Designs creates vintage inspired, artisan crafted holiday decor perfect for your home! Paper mâché.

Lights up with a c7 light, sold separately.

  • Materials: Paper mâché.
  • Dimensions: 19″ X 15″ X 12.5″

OOPS! Not all spells go off without a hitch! The Transformation Failure Witch, a captivating creation by the talented designer, Bethany Lowe is a fun piece to show off this Halloween! Measuring 13×10 inches, this carefully crafted item is made from hand-painted resin, moss, tulle and wire, combining different materials to bring this bewitching character to life.

OH! What to do! The witch has always had problems with her spells and this figure captures her worst failure yet! Nearby, a book titled “Mastering The Art Of Transformation” lies on the ground, alluding to the witch’s pursuit of perfecting her magical abilities. Now after trying her latest transformation spell, the failure has resulted in a crow with frogs legs and a frog with crows feet!

Perched upon a rustic stump, the witch exudes an air of utter consternation. Clutched in her hands is a bird cage, inside of which resides an extraordinary sight—a crow with frog legs! Other crows gaze upon this astonishing transformation with awe and surprise, adding a touch of amusement to the scene. From the witch’s pointed hat, a black spider dangles, casting an eerie and mystical presence. At the base of the stump, a frog with crows’ feet rests among a gathering of mushrooms, creating a playful detail that brings a smile to your face.

The witch is dressed in a captivating all-black outfit, accentuated by black and white striped stockings that add a touch of flair and contrast. Adorning her neck is a necklace, with a vial of a dangerous potion, symbolizing her ambitious and daring nature.

  • Size: 13x10x8.5″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Moss, Tulle & Wire

It’s no surprise that Treats Pumpkin Girl has happily dressed up for the Halloween party, because who wouldn’t be eager for Halloween to start, it’s the best night of the year! She’s even more excited this year since she has a date! All dressed up in her extra special black flared dress with green leaf collar, she brought along her little frog friend for support, which is something she and Tricks Pumpkin Boy have in common. They both love frogs! Her frog is peeking out of her orange trick or treat pumpkin bucket, hoping to sneak some snacks while her spider buddy hangs in the curl of her pumpkin head stem. Along with Tricks Pumpkin Boy, Treats Pumpkin Girl will fit right in your Halloween party decor.

  • Size: 10.75×5.5×5.5″
  • Material: Hand Painted Resin, Fabric, Moss, Wire & Glitter

Johanna Parker Designs

Material: Resin

Dimensions: 6.00″ L x 6.00″ W x 7.50″ H