Johanna Parker Designs

Material: Resin

Dimensions: 6.00″ L x 6.00″ W x 7.50″ H

Michelle Allen, of Raggedy Pants Designs, creates handmade collectibles with lots of character & personality! The reproductions are hand painted and embellished with printed papers, tinsel, glitter & other accessories to give them that finishing touch. These adorable creations would be a wonderful addition to your Halloween collection. Resin, wire, crepe paper, tinsel, glitter and paper.

Materials: Paper pulp, wire, crepe paper, tinsel, glitter and paper.

Dimensions: 4.5″ X 5″ X 5″

A Michelle Allen design for Bethany Lowe. This little pumpkin head is so cute, it’s a mystery how her bucket isn’t overflowing with candy yet! Maybe she’s snacking between houses? This Trick or Treat Pumpkinhead figure is so darling and fun with a paper trick or treat sign, mini cat bucket and painted details like her eyelashes that bring so much charm. Pair her with her friend “Oct 31st Pumpkinhead” or even make her part of a Halloween trick or treat display with other costumed figures!

  • Size: 3×2.75×2.25″
  • Material: Paper Pulp, Wire, Tinsel, Paper & Glitter

He has a pumpkin head with arms and legs that look like branches and has green fabric leaves under her head. Treats is carrying a pumpkin bucket with a little frog friend who is wearing a party hat on his head. She also has a spider coming down from a swirly pumpkin stem.

Dimensions: 11″ X 5″ X 5″
Material: Hand-painted resin, fabric, moss, wire, and glitter decor

Johanna Parker Halloween, Vintage Dolomite Black Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers.

  • 1.75″ L x 1.75″ W x 3.5″ H
  • Ceramic / Dolomite
  • Set of 2 shakers

Add some old-time fun to your Halloween with this Vintage Halloween 3-D Spooky Centerpiece.

Circa 1975, this fun centerpiece features a ghost, a coffin two rats. The ghost stands 9.5″ tall on top of the 2″ x 3″ x 8.5″ coffin. The rats are 3″ tail to nose and 2″ top to bottom. Some assembly required, direction included.

Give each a scare just like the scared cat that is pictured on the Cat and Moon Centerpiece.

Have fun decorating the centers of the tables this Halloween with the Cat and Moon Centerpiece. The Cat and Moon Centerpiece is classic decoration that has been brought back with the customers in mind. We all get excited when we come across a decoration that we enjoyed as a child growing up.

The Cat and Moon Centerpiece is decorated with a full orange moon with a black cat that appears to be very scared. The base of the Cat and Moon Centerpiece is black art-tissue, opens fully.

Product Features

  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Made of cardstock and tissue material
  • One (1) per package


  • Size: 4 inches x 9 inches x 2 inches
  • Package Count: (25/package)
  • 12 packages per case
  • Twist ties included

Give your table a ghostly and eerie embellishment with the Vintage Halloween Centerpiece. It’ll add a vintage style to your modern decorations and be the perfect complement to your Halloween celebration!

It’s a haunted house with ghosts coming from the windows and includes 6 cardstock tombstones to decorate the tissue base which adds an extra spooky accent to your table setting.

It’s made of honeycomb tissue and cardstock. It’s completely assembled and the base opens full round.
Measures 14 inches tall and the base expands to 10 inches in diameter.
Contains one (1) per package.


Product Features

  • Made of honeycomb tissue and cardstock
  • Measures 14 ¼ inches tall
  • Base measures 10 inches
  • Includes 6 cardstock tombstones
  • Contains one (1) per package

Each package features a cat, a clown, a witch, and a goblin and their retro inspired colors and detailed designs will add an eye catching embellishment to your tableware. They’re completely assembled which makes decorating your party quick and easy!

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock with a tissue base
  • Printed on two sides
  • Measure 9 inches tall
  • Completely assembled, open full round
  • Contains four (4) per package

Add a spooky and vintage twist to your Halloween decorations with the Vintage Halloween Classic Cutouts. Each package features an assortment of colorful cutouts that are great for decorating your walls, doors, and windows.

Product Features

  • Made of cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • Sizes range in measurement from 9 ½ inches to 16 inches
  • Contains seven (7) per package

Celebrate Halloween this year with these vintage Halloween decoration Fanci-Dress Cutouts. Included in this package are four different characters dressed for a vintage Halloween. The Fanci-Dress Cutouts are printed on two sides, and measures seventeen inches tall by six and a half inches wide. Hang these Fanci-Dress Cutouts on a wall, door, or hang them from the ceiling.

Product Features

  • Four (4) per package
  • Made of cardstock material
  • Printed on two (2) sides
  • Included in this set is a witch, a black cat, a skeleton, and an owl