Halloween Masks

Evil looking witch character with attached wig
Made in United States

Spikes Skull Mask

Perfectly aged skull mask with a definite cranial disorder. The spikes coming out of the head and the toothy grin will have everyone running from you this Halloween.  This mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the wearer’s face and head when worn.

Adult full over the head latex mask

Trick or Treat Studios and Lionsgate are proud to present the Officially Licensed Spiral From The Book of Saw Pig Mask!

The Spiral From The Book of Saw Pig Mask was cast from the film production mold for a screen accurate mask. This pig design is hyper realistic and is sure to terrify!

Squancho the Clown
This clown is all dressed up with no where to go, why don’t you hire him for the next kiddie party, I’m sure he can twist up a mean balloon animal!  Squancho is an awesome mask made from deluxe quality latex and is hand painted with a fantastic tuft of bright orange and yellow hair on the top of his head
Adult Size Latex Mask

Steampunk Submarine Gas Mask


This mask has elastic straps to secure around your head for a comfortable perfect fit

Steampunk Submarine Gas Mask


This mask has thick elastic to secure around your head for a comfortable perfect fit.

Terrifying Human Skull, biohazard mask completes the look with a dark hood and artistic paint finish. Great visibility and comfort.
Made in the USA

Full over the head latex zombie mask that looks just like it stepped off the pages of Tales from the Crypt Comic Book. Excellent detailing! One size fits most adults

Latex mask from Ghoulish Productions Hyper Mask Line (Super realistic, very elastic, with special box for collection)

The darkest goblins in the world will appear at the party

Become one of them with this incredible mask.

Fits like a 2nd skin

Comes in a display box with mannequin head form

The writer H.P. Lovecraft imagined an octopus-dragon creature into our world and its name is Cthulhu. Cthulhu is a Great Old One and lies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean but his call cannot be ignored. Now you can become this cosmic god with The Call of Cthulhu Mask for adults. This monster mask features a green octopus-like head and yellows eyes for a menacing look.

Developed From The Screen Used Masters

Trick or Treat Studios and Twisted Thinking Entertainment are proud to present the Officially Licensed The Deep Web Murdershow Gnarly the Clown Mask.

This mask developed using the screen used masters and is made in injection, making it virtually identical to the mask as seen in the terrifying horror thriller, The Deep Web Murdershow.

We’re gonna need a bigger fly swatter! This grotesque looking creature has huge yellow eyes, some fierce teeth, feelers, and a fly sucker, really gross, and topping off his head is short little hairs. This Fly mask is made entirely in high quality latex, and it is designed so that when worn, it covers the wear’s face and head completely. It also features cleverly concealed slits that allow the wearer to see out with ease.

Adult Size