Halloween Masks

Viper Deluxe Latex Vampire Mask

The Viper Mask is no doubt named because of its teeth and jaws. With its long, piercing fangs and its open mouth, this mask will give anyone the look of a horrifying monster with human features and a bloodstained jaw filled with serpentine fangs.

Adult size full over the head latex mask with hair

Product Description:

An amazing latex voodoo witch doctor mask sure to startle even the sturdiest of souls. With realistic blackish grey hair, dark circles under the eyes and tribal-style makeup on nose on a pasty white face

Voodoo Houngan

This is an amazingly detailed Voodoo Priest latex mask that is complete with dreads and a removable ceremonial half mask

Adult full over the head latex mask

Voodoo Man latex mask from the Urban masks line, with this mask you will become a voodoo doll, did you know that voodoo dolls are only used to produce evil in a person, but they can also attract very positive aspects such as success , protection, fortune or love?

Adult front face latex mask with thick elastic straps in back for a comfortable fit

Waldhar Warrior Adult Latex Mask

The Waldhar Warrior Mask makes a great choice for anyone who needs a unique horror costume. The tortured face of this latex mask shows off a metallic, spiked helmet that covers the eyes of this being. The rest of the head displays a snarling mouth, inflamed stitches, and blood spatter. Made of high quality latex and the hand painted detail is perfect in every way

Adult full over the head latex mask

Wanda Latex Witch Mask

This Wanda Mask recreates the look of an old hag or a swamp of a witch. Pale skin, warts, and all, capped with thin stringy grey hair, this mask is a perfect way to make yourself into a classic witch. The mask is made entirely in high quality latex, with stunning detailing that makes it all the more impressive. Hidden eye-slits ensure that the wearer can see out. Adult size full over the head latex mask

Wasted Gas Mask

This masks was made with a latex formula reinforced in black tone for greater depth; more resistant straps have been added to prevent it from deforming. Its neutral base color and worn effect give it a classic, street and carefree look; a mix between luxury and an industrial and even vintage style.

Thick Latex Front Face Adult Size Mask with Wide Straps

White Skull Latex Mask

A classic Skull Mask with bleached white bone, perfect for a skeleton or a Grim Reaper costume. A full over the head latex mask sure to please this Halloween.

Adult Size

Be sure to get some black make up to cover up your eyes

Be everyone’s worst nightmare in this Black Light Wild Neon Scary Clown Mask! The mask covers your entire face and has an attached wig made of bright green synthetic hair. Its face is painted chalk-white with purple eyes and orange-red lips, and is molded to have a sinister stare and a jagged-toothed grin. When exposed to black light, it lights up with an eerie glow!

Watch out for a full moon! A terrifying wolf mask to were this Halloween. Mask is constructed of quality latex that is hand painted with faux fur.

Full over the head Latex Mask

When it comes to horror, even the trees can come alive and commit evil deeds. Become a dark force of nature with the Wood Monster Mask. Made from latex, this full mask pulls on over the head. The face has a wood-like appearance, with the tree-like design forming a jagged open mouth. This mouth features an evil grin. The mask has ventilation holes in the flat nose and jagged mouth. Next, there are two white eyes looking out of the head. The evil tree mask has a couple of holes above the eyes for the wearer to see out of. Green moss-like accents adorn the top of the head and sides of the neck. On the side of the neck, there is a pair of shelf mushrooms. So get this full over the head latex mask today!

Adult full over the head latex mask. High quality latex and hand painted