Halloween Masks

Black  Deluxe Latex Wolf Mask With Hair

A werewolf encountered is about as bad as it gets! One bite or scratch from this werewolf will transform you forever to roam the earth in search of blood and flesh every full moon. This massive Deluxe Black Wolf Mask features elongated ears, grey hair and a black face with visible battle scars and snarling muzzle ready to attack. This high quality latex mask is a full over the head mask that comes down longer to cover the neck and part of the wearers chest. This mask also masks a fantastic display piece. Collector Quality.

Adult Size

Dripping Bleeding Ghost Face Mask Includes:

  • Mask with Shroud and attached Tubing
  • Hand-Held Pump with  2 fl. oz. (59.14mL) of Theatrical Blood
  • Double Layer No Drip Mask
  • Mask Material: PVC

Bloody Punky Latex Vampire Mask

This Punk Rock Vampire Mask features pointed ears, pale skin and large fangs with a bloody mouth and an awesome mohawk. Made of high quality latex and is hand painted

Adult size full over the head latex mask

El Wire LED Mask

Plastic front face mask with LED feature

Requires 2 AA Batteries NOT Included

A truly gruesomely frightful horror mask an evil skull is bursting out of poor Charlies face! This mask fully covers your whole head, neck and extends onto the chest. Made of high quality latex and is perfectly hand painted

Adult full over the head latex mask

Blurp Charlie Latex Mask – Child Size

This super spooky mask is just what he wants this year for Halloween.  This Child Size Mask is made of high quality latex, is hand painted and is a full over the head latex mask. The eye hols are large enough for excellent vision.

Bone Skull Latex Mask

A classic Skull Mask with bleached bone, perfect for a skeleton or a Grim Reaper costume. A full over the head latex mask sure to please this Halloween.

Adult Size

Be sure to get some black make up to cover up your eyes

Boogeyman Latex Halloween Mask

Watch out here comes the boogeyman, this mask is a great choice for scaring your friends this Halloween, or anytime of the year. This is a full over the head hand painted latex mask

Adult size full over the head latex mask

Creepy latex Zombie Brain Cap fits on top of your head just like a knit hat. Looks like a bloody human brain exposed to the air with no top skull at all! The Latex Brain Cap is perfect for those who want that zombie effect, just add tattered clothing for a very scary effect! Trimmed with bloody-looking Gauze around the forehead.

Detailed 3/4 mask that provides good visbility with large eye openings behind the teeth so their hidden from view. This monster is opening wide with muscles stretching to the max for his vicious look.
Made in United States of America

Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Bride of Chucky Version 2 Mask.

This full head verision of the Chucky mask was perfectly sculpted by Justin Mabry. Based off numerous actual behind the scene photos of the screen used doll head, every detail of the Chucky doll from Bride of Chucky is here!

Deluxe Brown Horse Latex Mask

Looking for a great mask for your next you tube video? You’ve found it!

This is a full over the head mask, hand painted and made entirely out of high quality latex with a fur mane

Adult Size