Theatrical Make-Up

Ben Nye Final Seal keeps makeup in place, even when performers perspire heavily.  Apply Ben Nye Final Seal pre makeup to retard perspiration, and over any completed makeup for a smudge proof finish.  Ben Nye Final Seal adds durability to airbrushed liquid makeup.  Final Seal is alcohol based with a fresh mint scent.  Use in a well ventilated area.


Size: 2 ounce

Authentic brownish, blood tint for  “older” coagulated blood effects. Especially useful for bullet holes, road rash and amputations!

NET WT.: 1oz./30gm.

NET WT.: 6oz./170gm

Artists, designers, and face painters delight in these sensational colors from Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Paints Palette! Simply mix a few drops of water into the cakes with a brush or sponge to create rich, creamy colors. Your color creations are unlimited!

These vibrant colors are all smudge-proof when dry, and may also be set with Ben Nye’s Final Seal to extend their wear even further! The durable metal box is ideal for face painters and artists on-the-go. It is even refillable!

12 Color Palette has 75-300 applications depending from small designs to full faces

Ben Nye’s F/X Creme Color Stacks have all the most popular and widely used shades of the F/X Creme collection in stacks of 5 each! Available in 3 separate stacks with all the shades specific to creating bruises, burns and aged effects.

Pigments may also be diluted for a “wash” effect by adding a few drops of alcohol onto pigments and applying with a stipple brush. Set with Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder for a lasting, budge-proof finish.

Size: 1.5oz / 42gm.


Color Stacks Available:

  • Bruise (FXS-1)
  • Age (FXS-2)
  • Burn (FXS-3)

Ben Nye Tooth Colors

Special effect tooth color has long been a staple in theatre and film to add just the right dimension to character makeups. Ben Nyes Tooth Colors dry quickly and last for hours. Colors remove with toothpaste or rubbing alcohol on swab. Will not stain enamel. Made by Ben Nye.

.25fl.oz./7ml. Expect 20-100 teeth.


Color Options:

  • Black
  • Nicotine
  • Zombie Rot
  • Decay

Your glitz and glitter isn’t going anywhere with Ben Nye’s Glitter Glue! The durable, lightweight formula applies neatly and thinly with a built-in applicator brush – built straight into the screw-on lid!  Sturdy enough to even tack down sequins, small rhinestones and accents alike

NET WT.: 1fl. oz./29 ml

Glitz It Glitter Gel by Ben Nye

Iridescent Opal Ice Glitter is suspended in an invisible gel that quickly dries into a matte finish. Great for all over sparkling effects on face, hair, and body. 

Expect 5-30 applications.


Ben Nye HD Ultimate FX Palette provides ultra-realism for bruises, abrasions, black eyes, burns and character effects. This Ben Nye Ultimate FX Palette is what every Moulage effects artist needs to ensure all the right colors are there to bring out the real trauma effect. This palette is not refillable


  • 18 shades of FX color:
  • White (FX-1)
  • Chrome Yellow (FX-12)
  • Goldenrod (FX-121)
  • Sallow Green (FX-11)
  • Dark Sunburn (CL-10)
  • Capillary Stipple (FX-13)
  • Fire Red (FX-31)
  • Fresh Cut (FX-34)
  • Bruise (FX-2)
  • Dried Blood (FX-32)
  • Dark Burgundy (FX-5)
  • Dark Crimson (FX-35)
  • Vein (FX-91)
  • Sapphire Blue (FX-10)
  • Purple (FX-6)
  • Black & Blue (FX-72)
  • Grey Purple (FX-9)
  • Black (FX-8)
  • Expect 200-750 applications
  • 1.5oz

Use Ben Nye’s Liquiset Mixing Liquid in place of water to turn your simple water-activated makeup into an intensely-pigmented, color rich paint! This water-based solution easily mixes with MagiCake Aqua Paints, Liquid Paints, Lumiere Colors, Color Cake, and Cake Eyeliner for a smudge-proof and water-resistant finish! Note: Colors applied with LiquiSet will not blend.


Net Wt. 2fl oz./59ml

The Ben Nye Lumiere Brilliants Shadow Palette offers a gorgeous selection of colors for day and night. Every spectrum of the rainbow is present, giving a makeup artist the ability to create a multiplicity of unique and intense styles! The payoff of each shadow is superb, ultra-blendable and long-lasting, making this palette an essential for your kit!


Individual Pan Size: 0.09oz. Total Weight: 0.72oz / 21.6gm. Yield 150-1000 applications total.

Palette Measures: 8.2″ x 4.75″ 0.5″

Ben Nye Lumiere Creme 12-Color Palette

Ben Nye’s Lumiere Creme Colours are a designer’s dream for their metallic brilliance, lavish pigmentation and easy, blendable application! Each creamy color heats up under the warmth of your fingertip for smooth, seamless blending and also doubles great as a base for shadows or powders of any finish! Designed with refillable pans that snap in and out of a convenient, lightweight tin casing, a light plastic lid over each pan keeps dust out and moisture in. Includes Ben Nye’s FB-7 Flat Brush

Creme colors loaded with shimmer and silkiness – that’s what you get with Ben Nye’s Lumiere Creme 18-Color Palette! Eighteen color cremes that can be used for character makeup, soft highlights in contouring or as a creme base for eyes to pat dry color over. Each color blends softly and pigments richly. Comes complete with a mixing palette built right into the lid!

Palette Includes:

Azalea (LCR-16)
Bronze (LCR-5)
Chartreuse (LCR-8)
Cherry Red (LCR-155)
Cosmic Blue (LCR-12)
Cosmic Violet (LCR-17)
Gold Dust (FW-1)
Golden Apricot (LCR-18)
Ice (LCR-1)
Iced Gold (LCR-2)
Indian Copper (LCR-21)
Jade (LCR-10)
Persimmon (LCR-15)
Royal Purple
Silver (LCR-4)
Sun Yellow (LCR-6)
Tangerine (LCR-7)
Turquoise (LCR-11)