Theatrical Make-Up

Ben Nye Studio Color Essential FX Creme Colors

Blur the lines between reality and special effects with Ben Nye’s Studio Color Essential FX Creme Colors! Twelve hyper-pigmented, super silky cremes made to blend and become one with your skin for black eyes, bruises, abrasions, burns and character distinctions. These cremes are rich in color and light in texture giving intense shades, allowing for detail in your character creations. This sleek, compact case has a clear lid for instant accessibility.

Creme colors filled with shimmer and silkiness, this is what you can expect with Ben Nye’s Studio Color Lumiere Creme Colors Palette. Twelve color cremes that can be used for character makeup or as a creme base for eyes to pat dry color over. Each color blends softly and pigments richly. Save time in your appointments and room in your kit. This sleek, compact case has a clear lid for instant accessibility.

The Lumière Grande Colour Palette is an assortment of 12 diverses luminescent shimmer tones. Accent the eyes and face for bridal, glamour, theatrical, and runway makeup. 

These densely pigmented colors create eye catching effects that transform any look. The compact design of the Studio Color Palettes lets you save kit space without sacrificing your shade selection.

STP-88 – 24gm./0.84oz. Expect 30-80 applications per shade.

The Modern Brights Pearl Sheen Palette is a 12 color collection of entrancing silky shadows that offer maximum shimmer. These rich jewel toned shadows blend seamlessly together, creating breathtaking levels of glamour. 

Colors are available in refills. This compact palette is an essential for any bridal, runway, or glamour makeup artist. 

STP-85 – 24gm./0.84oz. Expect 30-80 applications per shade.


The Modern Neutrals Pearl Sheen Palette features 12 warm, and cool shimmering earthy toned Pearl Sheen Shadows. These silky shadows can achieve any level of glamour desired, as their rich texture leaves them endlessly blendable. 

Colors are available in refills. This palette is a sleek, space saving option for any bridal, runway, or editorial makeup artist.

STP-84 – 24gm./0.84oz. Expect 30-80 applications per shade.

The Undead FX Palette gives you access to popular character bases and FX creme colors that are perfect for designing creatures, monsters, and hordes of the undead. The eight colors provide full, creamy coverage that blend flawlessly with all other creme products in our line and are packed densely with pigment so you can make the most dramatic effects possible with the smallest amount of product.

Ideal for use by theatrical, fantasy, special effects, and film & TV makeup artists. As part of the Studio Color series, this palette features eight refillable colors, a clear acrylic lid, and a space saving compact size. 

27gm./0.95oz – Expect 20-40 applications per shade.

Ben Nye Super White Powder

The special formula also controls perspiration, making this product perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers! Super White Powder is Ben Nye’s only non-translucent powder that contains a bright white pigment good for White, Geisha, Porcelain, and other very fair shades.


Available Sizes:

1.5 oz (TP-7)

3.0 oz (TP-8)

8.0 oz (TP-81)

Ben Nye Topaz Luxury Powder 3oz.

Ben Nye’s Topaz Luxury Powder is a finely milled, translucent, silky powder with just a hint of warmth with golden and bronze undertones.

Each powder is specially formulated to absorb excess oil and soften the appearance of pores and texture. Enhance your fair-skinned, youthful glow with Cameo, balance out light to medium skin tones with Buff, and warm up tan to deeper skin tones with Beige Suede. With more product for the price, it’s as beautiful on your wallet as it is on your skin!

Yield 50-125 applications per 1.5oz.


The Woochie Big Horns are a fantastic set of large black horns that are an amazing way to finish off any demon or monster costume.

You will need to add our Spirit Gum & Remover Combo to be able to successfully apply this prosthetic. Please be aware you will need patience and plenty of time to apply the make-up before you can productively recreate the product image above.

The Big Nose appliance is lightweight flesh-colored latex that provides the perfect finishing touch to many character designs. Simply adhere, blend to skin with Flesh Latex, and apply makeup for a convincing movie-grade special effect at home

Cinema Secrets Woochie Special FX Latex Appliance.

Items Needed But Not Included: Spirit Gum Adhesive and Remover

Items Suggested but Not Included: Liquid Latex, Make Up, Blood

Hydrocolor Essentials – Black

Wolfe  Hydrocolors are bright, water activated, durable, comfortable, and easy to work with.  They have dense pigmentation that provides you with maximum color, and since Hydrocolors have a wax base they flow with movement instead of cracking. Hydrocolors are easy to apply, and are perfect for all of your artistic needs. 

The Essentials consist of  vibrant colors that are completely opaque and provide excellent coverage.  The make-up is easy to apply, covers large areas and gives a smooth even effect when fast high quality application is required for long make-up sessions, such as competitions and photo shoots.  The make-up is comfortable to wear, remains bright and colorful and will not smear under normal circumstances. 

Sizes Avialable:




Use with a paint brush or sponge.  Do not apply water directly to the cakes, dip your brush or sponge into the water, then into the cake.  Do not apply to broken skin.  Discontinue use if rash develops.  Avoid contact with fabrics, carpets and upholstery.  Remove with soap and water.  Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing.   Cracks may form in the cakes.  These cracks have no effect on the makeup.



Blood Spray

Fake Blood in a convenient spray bottle. Great for bloodying up your clothes.

2 fl oz.