Theatrical Make-Up

Ben Nye’s MagiCake Aqua Paint works excellently for body and face paintings of all kinds! These water activated cakes give bold color payoff in over 40 shades, and wear even longer when mixed with Ben Ye Liquiset. Use a brush for smaller details or a sponge to cover larger areas. Dries to a smudge-resistant finish!

Professional Large LA Size (0.77oz / 22gm)



Misty Violet, Sunshine Yellow, Maize, Seafoam, Tahitian blue, Turquoise, Marine Blue, Azure Blue, Stormy Blue, Cosmic Blue, Calypso Blue, Licorice Black, Cranberry, Bright Red, Fire Red, Linen, Ultra Lite, Grey, Subtle Brown, Warm Honey Brown, Bright Orange, Bazooka Pink, Hot Pink, Vivid Violet, Light Lavender, Magenta, Passion Pink, Royal Purple, Cloud White, Marigold, Mustard Seed, Split Pea, Burnt Pumpkin, Lime Green, Emerald Green, Gecko Green, Kelly Green, Tropical Green

MagiColor Creme Crayons are great for quick strokes of lasting color and instant touch-ups. Easy to sharpen for desired size and simple to set with Neutral Set Powder, these crayons are just plain easy and great to use.

Available Colors:

  • Bold Red (MJ-1)
  • Bright Blue (MJ-3)
  • True Red (MJ-5)
  • Velvet Black (MJ-2)
  • White (MJ-4)

Size: 0.05oz / 1.4gm. – 0.09 / 2.5gm.  Yield 30-75 applications.

Show your color and spirit with Ben Nye MagiColor Creme Pencils! The creamy, richly pigmented formula is a hassle-free way to add the fine details to your look – whether it be for character makeup, clowns, mimes, face designs, fantasy or athletic events! Easy clean up and sharpenable.


Colors Available

  • Black
  • Fire Red
  • Ruby Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Bright Orange
  • Warm Brown
  • Misty Violet
  • Cosmic Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Kelly Green

Ben Nye’s Creme Colors are unmatched for colorful virtuosity. Palettes are available in 12 colors, ideal for stylized beauty, fantasy or face painting. Creme Colors are generously pigmented in a creamy texture that allows versatile application. Creme colors blend and layer easily with Creme Foundation, Creme Contours, Creme Concealers and iridescent Lumiere Cremes. Set with Neutral Set Powder. 
Palette includes a flat brush.

1.69 oz / 48 gm. Net Wt. Expect 25-100 designs per color. 

(LKP-12) Master Creme Painting Palette:

  • RCL-1 White
  • RCR-1 Red
  • RCL-19 Blue
  • RCL-5 Yellow
  • RCL-211 Kelly Green
  • RCL-29 Black
  • RCL-191 Cosmic Blue
  • RCL-32 Lime Green
  • RCL-18 Purple
  • RCL-4 Bright Pink
  • CL-7 Orange
  • RCL-11 Cinnamon

Matte HD Foundation Palette Ben Nye

Ben Nye has created the ultimate palette to enhance nearly any skin tone. Matte Foundations are Hi Def ready with sheer to moderate coverage and indispensible for artists, instructors and actors. Shades: Fairest, Light Beige, Ultra Beige, Cameo, Warm Sand, Olive Tan, Olive Beige 1, Brulee, Medium, Au Lait, Mocha, Espresso.

Matte Foundations are formulated in a light, silky texture to provide flawless, natural coloring from sheer to full coverage. Neutral shades range from cool beige to warm browns.

Net Wt.: 1.69oz./48gm

Be Bella beautiful without the shaker top!  Ben Nye’s MediaPRO Bella Poudre Compact Powders are the signature micro-milled formula in a pressed sheer color compact for ultimate convenience and portability!  Lightly colored and translucent, these powders are perfect for touch-ups on set for film, fashion, HD broadcast or bridal.

Banana Color

Ben Nye’s Classic Translucent Face powder sets creme makeup for a durable, soft matte finish!

Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colorless powder that blends with all skin tones without diminishing the natural glow of your complexion.  The special formula also controls perspiration, making this product perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers!


Available Sizes:

1.5 oz (TP-5)

3.0 oz (TP-6)

6.0 oz (TP-61)

Ben Nye’s Nose & Scar Wax is pliable, yet firm, to create simulated injuries, manipulates the appearance of real skin to imitate all sorts of fleshly distortions! Feign a broken nose, a witch’s chin or bullet holes with this moldable wax.

Fair in color choose from: 2.25oz., 8oz., 16oz

Ben Nye Nutmeg Luxury Powder 3oz.

Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powder Nutmeg is a great all over setting powder for medium to dark skintones with a deep neutral complexion. 

Finally, a setting powder that’s as rich and warm as your skintone! Specially created for olive and brown-toned complexions, Ben Nye’s Mojave Luxury Powders are gently tinted to enhance your natural glow, not wash it out! Velvety to the touch, this lightweight powder softens the look of fine lines and pores as well as absorbs excess oil to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless all day long.

Ben Nye Pretty Pink Translucent Face Powder 3oz

This powder is micro-milled into a silky texture, perfect for setting makeup easily and effortlessly. Pretty Pink powder is translucent with just a hint of faint pink color that’s perfect for brightening up the face.


Ben Nye’s Professional Wheels are your one stop for character coloring! Each wheel comes with 3-6 colors distinct to each character. Use these creamy, color-rich pigments to blend on top of skin or latex to create lifelike effects! Each color is buildable for higher opacity or can be thinned with a few drops of alcohol to provide a sheer wash of color. Set your finished work with Ben Nye’s Neutral Set Colorless Powder for added durability!

Net Weight: 1oz. / 28gm.  Yield 100-600 Designs Per Wheel.

  • Master Disaster Wheel: Blue, Dark Crimson, Fresh Cut, Black & Blue, Blood Red, White
  • Zombie Wheel: Goldenrod, Bruise, Dried Blood, Midnite Violet, Steel Grey, Sallow Green
  • Monster Wheel: White, Maroon, Misty Violet, Sallow Green, Cadaver Grey, Blue Spirit
  • Cuts & Bruises: Sapphire Blue, Yellow, Blood Red, Forest Green
  • Bruise Wheel: Purple, Dark Burgundy, Sallow Green, Midnight Violet
  • Master Bruise: Wheel:Dark Burgundy, Blood Red, Sallow Green, Midnight Violet, Purple and Yellow.
  • Death Wheel: Death Purple, Death Straw, Death Flesh, Pale Vampire, Frankenstein, Death Blue Grey

Ben Nye Black Professional Creme Series

The Pro Creme Series is an exceptional value for performers who want quality at an economical price. Easy to apply, long-wearing and richly pigmented, these cremes set effortlessly with powder for durable brilliance.

Expect 75-125 full faces per ounce.